Shin/Knee pain


 Signed up to the forums as my searching didn't reveal anything exactly like this being described in previous threads.

I've been doing mostly 4/5 milers with a small amount of knee discomfort but last week a colleague and I did a 10.5 miler and since then I've had a burning pain at the top of my right shin about 3-4 inches below the knee.

 The pain appears to be over the bone and presents mostly when I'm walking up/down stairs or standing up from a sitting or squatting position.

 I'm hoping it's just a shin splint but when I've had shin splints before the pain has always been much further down towards the ankle.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? 


I've been running in neutral shoes (Asics Gel nimbus) but since the pain began I've had my gait analysed and been told that while my left foot is neutral my right overpronates very slightly.  This makes sense as all the problems I've had have been in my right leg.  I've now bought shoes with more stability (Asics GT-2160)

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