Knee Injury

I have a constant nagging pain on the outside of my left knee, running down the outside of my knee cap. There is also some pain at the front/under the knee cap itself. It is not a sharp stabbing pain it`s just a niggling pain.Also my knee/knee cap sometimes give a load crack when I bend it. If I sit down and straighten my leg out and push downwards with my fingers each side of my knee cap I can feel it click or crack into place, sometimes really loud.
I have been running 3 years mainly 10k distance with the half marathon distances in between. I go to the gym twice a week for an hour and also some roadwork (not enough). From Jan this year I stepped up the distance as I entered the Edinburgh marathon in May but had only run to a distance of 18 miles before the Marathon. This is when I first felt the niggling pain in my Knee. I managed to finish the Marathon but with pain in my knee and also in my left foot (right at the top near where you tie the laces). I put the pain in my foot down to just running the Marathon but I`m now wondering if they are linked. I have had the same running shoes for 3 years now.
Any help anyone.


  • Sound's like ITB (Runner's Knee) I personally haven't experienced it (touch wood) but my knee's do creak a bit. From what I've read on it, strength exercises would benefit you. There should be a few on the website somewhere. Anything based on hip flexors, quad and knee strength should really help. Youtube have a few good vids. I suspect the pain in your foot is linked.

     You can buy support bandages/wraps for you knee as well, I've seen them in John Lewis they should take the edge off the pain when you're running. I would also suggest a foam roller to aid your stretches.

    Also, please buy some new running shoes, preferably fitted at a speialist store, that would be incredibly helpful.

    If none of the above works I would suggest getting your GP to make you an appointment with a physio.

    Hope it gets better, it must really suck for you. Let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks for that Jane. I`m tending to agree with what you say. I have a bandage type knee thingy that I have just started to use a bit to help keep it in place (so to speak) dont wear it all the time and also a proper knee support I`ll wear for running esp the GNR. I am running in Gateshead this weekend then I intend to get some more running shoes. The old was was fitted properly at a running store but I`m thinking they are worn out now.
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