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Runner's World Complete guide to running

I love this book!!! It has every thing you need to know from the beginner to advanced about how to run and improve on technique to staying injury free while running strong. This book is easy to read and does not baffle the reader with jargon with out giving a clear and through explaination first. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone.


  • Runner's World  Coach

    This book has everything!!! I can't wait for the second volume!!! Easy to read and understand, a must have item for all types of runners!!! Coach has advice/hints and tips for everything ranging to everyone!!! I recommend this book to anyone and everyone!!! A must have!!!!

  • is this spamming?????
  • No it can't be!!!!!!!!   There are far too many ! for it to be spam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It must be genuine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Runner's World Complete Guide to Running

    Not only is this book jam packed with everything you need to get going, it inspires you to pull on those trainers and hit the pavement/trail/track.

    17 months on from my first jaunt I am still referring back to it.

    Essential bit of kit, I'd say.

  • does anybody know if the runners world trainig diary is available in any shops because i would like to see it before buying it

    also if there gona be a  runnersworld coach2

    i have contacted runnersworld editors but no answer

  • its amazing i think they want us to write here and brag about there books

    but when you ask a question they never answer

    so people stop writting reveiws


  • chefyego - I saw runner's world training diary in Foyles last week. They also had an excellent runner's world book for women runners, which isn't mentioned here - although there's a few books for men. Is it worth me asking why that is?
  • I ordered three of the above books nearly a month ago. They took the money the same day. Have I seen the books ? NO! I haven't . Do they respond to mail ? NO! they don't. Don't know where to go nexy as phones not answered either. For runners by runners , don't make me laugh.

    I suggest you think twice before ordering off of Runners World!

  • Come to think of it I sure I paid for a book off them 6 months ago
  • The books are on sale in WHsmiths. Probably better to get them there rather than online here if there are problems!
  • does the 'complete guide to running' have advice on marathon training?
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