Kent Coastal Half Marathon

Well, I would say that seeing that I am a member of the organising club. Seriously though folks, this is a good race, well supported and is what is known in the trade as "undulating". The route for the Half is also the first half of the full Marathon course, so you will have plenty of company. Who else is up for it?


  • Yes I have entered and looking forward to it.
  • coming up from Devon to run it. i grew up in Thanet and have plenty of family still in the area. i agree with you on the 'undulating' part of the course but a decent race and i finished 2nd 3 or 4 years ago. i fancy having another run and see if a) i can beat my previous time and b) see if i can do better in the position part. see you there!!
  • If you finished 2nd Pete you won't see much of me as I am the tail end marshal!
  • that's a shame Bill but without clubs like Thanet roadrunners and runners like you who put themselves out, then races do not exist. i would definately join if i still lived in the area. i would love to join you guys on a club night if possible at the end of next month if possible before the Half.
  • Pete, let me know when and I am sure we can fix something up. I don't know if you are interested, but every Saturday at 9am there is a 5k Parkrun in Whitstable which starts just below the cafe on Tankerton slopes, the cafe at the tennis court end. Nearly 100 people turn up each week, it is free to enter, all you need to do is register and download a barcode and you get sent your time the same day. It is good fun, not too serious, and we now have about 8-10 TRAC members regularly attending, including a number of juniors, as it is open to any age.
  • hello guys. im looking for my next half. im training for london marathon next year. i managed the dartford half couple weeks ago in 2:05:48. and that was because at 10 miles when i was ready to collapse there was a massive hill. slowed me down a lot and hurt like hell. whats this course like?
  • Pain, this course is best described as undulating, but not really that bad. This course has a "baddish" up and down hill hill at about 2.5 on the way out and 10.5 on the way back. I have done Dartford and I would say the courses are fairly similar. If I remember rightly Dartford has a bit of a nasty uphill at about 4 and a bit. Our worst hill is steepish but not too long.
  • I'm thinking of giving this a go. I did Dartford the other week too and could have really done without that last hill - it seemed never ending. However, having read that the two courses are similar at least I know what to expect of this one.
    See you there.
  • Ime sure I dun this one before and I wooden mind doing it agen but I canr find my name in the results for the larst 3 years. Is there anoter halve narathon that sterts in Margate? I can defantly remember that horribel sloap you mensioned Chesterfield.
  • Oh deer, Ime an idoit. Ive juste relised it was Fokston. Sounds like its very simler though and I think I migt try it fer a change.
  • Hi guys

    Does anyone know if this is the same route as last year - I remember it being undulating and fancy another go

  • Carolyne Yes it is the same course.

    Arkinshaw, the Folkestone Half has the hill from Hell going up the aptly named Avenue of Remembrance between the 12 and 13 mile mark. Our hills are nowhere near as bad as that one.

  • Hello.

    I'm doing Loch Ness on the 2nd Oct and Snowdon on the 29th. I'm scheduled to do a half the weekend of the 3rd Sept, so thought this one looked like a good challenge. My daughter lives in Ashford , so a nice excuse to travel up from South Wales and see my darling grandchildren the same time. Perfect!

    What I am wondering is if I could register on the day? Is it as picturesque a route as it sounds?

    As I'm doing lots of hill (mountain?) training, as far as I'm concerned, the more of a hilly challenge, the better.

  • ffRan I have put the question to the Race director by email and will let you know when I get reply. I do know it is filling up fast so I am not sure if there will be places on the day but as I say I will let you know when I get a reply.
  • ffRan I don't know what age your grandchildren are but there is a lovely beach at Broadstairs which is about 5 and 9 miles into the Half Mara route. Ideal place for family/supporters to see runners twice and a big safe sandy beach for kids. No, I don't work for the local tourist board but it is a very picturesque route.
  • Than you CB!

  • ffRan Here is the response I got about entries on the day:

    "Its number dependent... The entry form says yes, if spaces...

    In some years there have been none, and in some recent years there have been some.."

     If you want to be sure I would book in advance, it is a long way to go and then not be able to run.

  • Hi All - online and postal entries closed today.  I will endeavour to get all numbers out for the entries that I have received by the end of this week.

    There will be limited entries on the day on a first come first served basis at £20.00.

  • Bill are you doing the the fantastic whitstable park run in the morning? i'm tempted but having rested yesterday, swam for an hour solid today, i'm thinking i should rest until sunday!....

    undecided of Birchington!

  • Rick, yes I will be doing the Parkrun and then the Half. Do bear in mind though that I am the back marshall on Sunday so will not have to over-exert myself. I have normally done Parkrun the day before races with no ill effects so you should be ok to do it.
  • Good morning,

    I am injured so cannot run the Kent Coastal Marathon tomorrow 4th Sep. I signed up in early May, so am pretty upset about it as this was meant to be my autum marathon.

    Is there any chance I can keep my place for 2012?


  • My bib number is 275.
  • F Faure - unfortunately we don't transfer places over to other events unless we have to cancel.  Sorry to hear you are injured and wish you a speedy recovery.

     Just back from signing the course  - it was HOT!  There are water stations around the course but please make sure you are well hydrated before the start.  image

  • anyone got a postcode for the oval.  or somewhere near by?


  • CT9 2HL - is Smiths COurt Hotel directly opposite The Ovalimage
    See you tomorrow
  • Hi All, well done to everyone today! Results are now up on TRAC's website....

  • were there any official photos?
  • Unfortunately not Hammer1 - our normal person was working elsewhere image
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