long run methods.

i`m currrently training for the Thames path 100 in march 2012. with the high peak 40 this september. and up to now have done either big (to me) loops and out and backs longest 30miles. really could do with a few opinions on whether its better to do several 6 or 7ish miles loops or just one massive loop!

with one big loop i have to carry everything i need. and i find water to be heavy basically.

with my 7mile loop i only have to carry one bottle and can put snacks in my shorts pockets. much better, i think, what do other people do on 25+mile runs. cheers.


  • I think that depends on the race you are training for......do you have to carry a full pack with supplies and spare clothes etc...........or is it fully supported so you only need to carry a drink with you..........if you need to carry a pack then better to train with one

    I would get bored just running the same route again and again so would prefer to do a big loop or get dropped off by someone or the train away from home and plot a route homeward..............I always take money to be able to top up on the supplies of water or incase of an emergency.......

    good luckimage

  • I used top have a 50 mile loop that I would do once in a while. 

    It went through three villages where I could stock up with water and buy food....that would solve the 'carrying too much stuff' problem...95% of which was off road.

    Smaller loops you can go lightweight - but it is easier to quit after a few laps....I used to drive to a nearby forest...leave kit in the car, and run the 9mile ish lap around. I managed 6 once.

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