aid stations

you know when you look at a website which says `fully stocked aid stations`  is this true because i`m doing the thames path 100 and am wondering just how much is this likely to mean there`ll be at aid statons. thanks.


  • From my own experience typically aid stations are pretty good and plenty of the usual stuff that people are after will be there. If you are after anything really specific then the safest bet is to carry it yourself.

    Common items to find at aid stations are things like mars bars, banana, flapjack, biscuits, jelly sweets, water, coke, orange juice. Some longer races have a designated aid station serving more substantial and hot food. Best bet to confirm any doubts would be contact the organiser. Having met the organiser for the Thames Path 100 I am sure you will get a helpful response.

  • Check with the organiser as all races are different. For example they could say energy drink but if it is a brand you do not like then they may as well have none at all.

    It is a good idea before entering a race to check out these things and also if it is possible to have your own stuff taken to certain aid stations.

  • We get two drop bags image

    I'm going to put a bbq and a chef in one of mine.

  • cheers people. because i was thinkin with the minimum official reqiurement being:-

    Mobile PhoneHeadtorchBack Up Light Source & Water Bottle/Bladder

    i could put this in my shorts pocket and take food from each aid station therefore not having to carry anything heavy. happy days an nights of course.

    AJH shall i bring the seasoning. an some sausages.

  • Andy don't forget you need to carry a survival blanket and from the ones iv'e tried they are not the smallest or lightest bits of kit. If you try and carry one of those in your shorts they'll be round your knees.image
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