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  • Nam wrote (see)

    LP we're pretty much on a par with how we would spend stuff...

    I have been thinking though that a lot of things I really like are not hugely expensive.  I often see very expensive things and think "I don't like it, it looks awful"...

    I guess it would be nice not to worry whether you can afford to see a hair dresser AND pay the road tax in one month...  image

    Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel.

    I don't like ostentatious displays of wealth, and I don't really like being in the sorts of places where people do ostentatiously display their wealth. 

    I haven't travelled much at all, but some of the most fun times I've had away have been stuff like camping trips with friends...

    I do like the idea of having my own green space. image

    But then part of me dislikes the whole notion of stuff like woodlands being privately owned and not accessible to the general public.

    Green spaces are very important to mental and physical well-being - I think that's why I've always liked the idea of running some kind of "green education" facility....

  • It wouldn't change me - I'd still be a grumpy ba**ard!

    But I'd love to have a place in Yorkshire (where there are fantastic pubs), a place in Dorset (where I know a fantastic pub) and anywhere else where there are great pubs! Maybe I'd open my own brewery and cut the middleman out!

  • Nam wrote

    The prize would earn them an estimated £9,300 a day in interest alone.

    I would imagine that by the time the rep came to see them the interest would have already paid off the mortgage.

    Actually, I have a feeling that it's such an obscene amount of money that they are about to lose ALL their semi-close friends, and the circles of people who are that rich are less than interested in meeting folks that haven't grafted/risked their business empire several times to get there, or are royalty. As for the couple themselves, the change will be tough. I've seem the effect that a mere 1 million pounds can have: one of our friends with an inheritance got married. He wanted to spend, spend, spend, and take a dossy job.

    So what would one do? Fast cars, loose women, fine wines and fritter away the rest? Hmm. That would be difficult. Having to spend more than £9,300 a day is actually quite awkward. Even my wife and both daughters would struggle by the second week.

    One would have to seriously consider ones philanthropic aims fairly quickly, before the taxman made it into £80.5million. So, it appears, that the accountants win again.

  • I'd get Bionic legs so I don't have to keep on struggling with a painful ITBand.

    And I'd buy the news of the world.

  • When I saw the pair on telly who had won it I thought, great, now they can pay for his n her's gastric band operations. I think they were barking mad for going public!

    I would set up a respite centre for special needs children with superb facilities and staff so that their parents and siblings could have a rest, and that the children themselves would also have a fab time.

    Beyond that I would pay off my sister's mortgage, send my youngest child to a private school, get a housekeeper and a fit looking gardener.
  • knight rider wrote (see)
    I would build a hospital out of town, with free parking.
    On a public transport route I hope, KR
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