Which forums do you visit

This was a question asked on the old site. I'm wondering if things have changed. I'm also curious if some forums are thought of as a bit cliquey?


  • I tend to start at the top and work my way down - but skip beginners, gear, health and events until I get up to date/bored with the others. And I don't read the marathon one either as it just makes me feel guilty for not giving London a try. So basically: general, training, URWFC
  • I think i started the last thread on this. Most people start with the URWFC then go up to the General and work their way down.
    I don't know about other people, but i usually miss out the aches and pains thread and the marathon thread and sometimes the gear thread - depends on how busy i am.
    Sometimes i read the URWFC bits and wonder what on earth they are on about, but i guess it's because i haven't met many of you to be in with the in crowd!
  • Usual order:



    One or two URWFRC threads incline towards cliquiness (is that the appropriate adjective?) IMHO
    Then again, others might think the same about one or two of the Training threads I suspect...
  • I start with training , then general, gear, events, FLM, and if I am really killing time the URWFC. The trouble is with that forum is that threads move so fast (on so many tangents), and it takes an age just to catch up on everything that is going on with only 10 messages per page. So I rarely bother unless I am inticed by an interesting thread subject.

  • Interesting concept 'in crowd'. I always thought you were in it DS as you were posting when I started. I post too much and still don't feel part of it
  • I systematically look top to bottom. Can usually skip Gear and FLM thread and totally ognore Temporary Web-site bugs.

    Health and Injury had been a big help to me in the past and I like to help out where I can.

    The Unofficial Forum gets me through the week esp. Fridays !
  • I also check out most topics, apart from bugs. I think that the site probably is a bit cliquey (sp?), particularly the URWFRC - but then I suppose clubs are like that. I think there is a tendency to feel that everyone else knows each other, which can put some people off. I'm not sure what the reality is on that.

    It was interesting to read on one of Ron Grover's threads that he had received a lot of email's direct from people who wanted to respond to his views but didn't want to post because they either didn't want to "waste space" or look stupid.

    Personally, I don't mind being regarded as both stupid and a waste of space.

    Must say as well that it is sad to see posts that drop off the table with no replies at all, so I do sometimes scout around for those and at least post something in reply.

  • Dangly Spice - I'm with Blue Kness. If there is an in crowd, then you're definitely in it.

  • 1) Training then top to bottom missing out bugs
    2) repeat 1

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Same as Wild Will, unless I'm pushed for time when I'll maybe look at the training, general and URWFRC. Some of the threads on the URWFRC move so fast that you often don't have time to read from start to finish. I'll also try and respond to any thread where I feel I can offer something useful.
  • I look at them all to make sure that none of you are being naughty!
  • So being called the thought police probably didn't go down to well then Rob
  • Rob,

    Do you really keep an eye on the forum? If so it would be interesting to hear more from you. In particular, why didn't you chip in on the thread about the content in RW?

  • Tim

    Regarding everyone being supportive of you. Have you not been following the "Tim is such as @rse" thread? It's quite a laugh.

  • General, Events, (sometimes) FLM.

    I've never been to URWRC but it seems to come highly recommended so I may give it a whirl
  • I do them in order, usually at lunchtime, then log back in a few times during the day to see if there have been any updates. FLM, Gear and Bugs get missed if I'm pushed for time, because you can miss a day and catch up the next.

    I did notice someone asking on Bugs for a chatroom. Going by the speed of the threads, we've got that already! Any more and I will get the sack!

    Some threads I have to miss (if they are over 30 posts the first time I see them) purely from a time point of view, but I do log on at home sometimes to catch up with them.

    If only I worked at RW - I could log on at work and legitimatley get paid for it!
  • Blue knees I know you are not my friend right now (sigh) but I don't think RWUFRC is cliquey. Some of the most prolific posters are the newest. Everybody is so friendly and everybody is welcome - if it got cliquey it would lose its specialness actually. The more the merrier - running world domination please!!

    And remember it grew out of the old FLM 2002 forum. That forum grew so important to the posters that we had to have somehwere to meet afterwards (post FLM). I expect 2003 FLM will get similarly intense.

    All the fora have their place.

    Health & Injury
    That keeps me going for hours, my you got mail sign pops up every 5 mins so it hard to keep up.

  • Tim, turned on PC the other day and got 82 notification emails, oh dear.........
  • Nothing personal LDB. Its just when you try and promote an idea of a discount for all the runners on the forum and all people want to talk about is biscuits then I begin to wonder why I bother. Hopefully I will come back from a small break refreshed and in a better frame of mind

  • I look at trianing and events about this time in the evening but tend to leave general and URWFRC until later, after I've done at least some work. Having said that, the URWFRC is a good tonic for a few minutes break from 14 year olds misunderstanding the most basic scientific principals.

    It takes a long time to catch up, though, as most of the activity seems to happen at work - no chance for me.
  • it's getting impossible to follow really. I post a reply or question in the middle of a thread, come back the next day and can't find it. Using the notification thing is a bit of a no-no really as people spot them in my inbox.
  • Cheers Tim. I think a lot of positive things came out of it all and no damage done hopefully

    Still speaking to me LDB?
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