Spartan Race this week

Anyone else running the Spartan race this weekend in Cambridge?

i really cant wait, if anyone is there, come say hi. i'm on the 1pm run and i'll be the tall guy with a camera on his head image


  • Hi Marc myself and my husband are in the 1 o'clock race. We have never done anything like this before! I'm getting on a bit (52) so will be pleased if I just get round without breaking anything, especially as my sons wedding is in two weeks time! will give a wave


  • Hello there!

    I'm on the 12:30 start  with three others (...took a bit of persuading to get them to do it though!)

    Really looking forward to it!


  • Today is the Day... see you all there.
  • what a great fun race, i recomend them to any runner who wants a different challenge to out right speed and something thats a complete laugh to do and very challenging,

    its great to wake up after a race to find your whole body aches and not just your legs.
  • for anyone interested here is the video i made of this run, with a camera on my head image

  • I had a great time too - covered in cuts and bruises today but that's all part of the fun I guess!
  • Great video aswell image
  • Excellent Vid.

    I've got a fair few cuts/bruises too but had an amazing time. fact we liked it so much, we've signed up to do the one in Redhill on October 16th!


  • we're doing the birmingham one on october 2nd too image
  • How did the Birmingham one go?... was it similar to the Cambridge one?

    Really looking forward to Redhill on Sunday!!!

  • Hi,

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting the video, gave me a much better idea of what the sprints are like than the reviews etc I've read so far. I'm a running novice and adventure/obstacle racing appeals to me a lot more than standard road/track racing, although I plan to try both. I'm thinking about doing the Yorskhire sprint next August which should give me enough time to get in shape image

  • Hi

    Just reading your comments on obstacle races and thought this may be of interest
  • Just seen the video. Looks good. I am thinking of entering the southern one in July. Just wondering if an old duffer like me can get round !
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