IM Regensburg Supporters Thread



  • Rio's Bitch - Having completed my sherpa duties for the day have also done spectator duty and tried out one of the bier gardens the Alte Linde. After ordering drinks and being informed there was no english menu and the waitress walking off. We got down to the guess what we are ordering bit. We then got our drinks with the waitress saying eine moment when we tried to order. When she came back from serving 20 other people we finally got our order in. Rio got a bowl full of meat slices and i got sausage and sauerkraut. Not a very welcoming place in all.

    We will try another place tomorrow image

    Weathers bloody great for supporters!

  • Rios Bitch P.S. Am trying out the local lagers with a try athlete i need another supporter soon
  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    Rio, you're welcome to text me any urgent translation requests. image
  • Ich möchte zwei bier, bitte.
    That's all you need to know. image
  • (I've been taking this supporters thing VERY seriously.

    I can order beer, wine and bread. image
  • What about Guinness?
  • Ich möchte ein bier und ein Guinness.
  • I vote Holly as Supporter of the Year!
  • Well, I'm at the airport enjoying my wine, but not enjoying the big smelly foreign man who has sat opposite me. Haven't heard from the convoy. I hope the pom poms are okay.
  • I do hope the athletes are not drinking alchohol this close to the race!!!!!!!
  • Gladys has been stopped by customs and is as I type being very deeply probed about the contents of his suitcase.......image....well one can hope anyway
  • Looks like Glad and Dave have arrived....The girly car has gone all quiet though...

  • Will be shaking virtual pom poms from afar. I'll be heading into Sydney CBD for an early interview Monday morning while the stragglers are finishing ...
  • I have a 95 mile sportive on Sunday as prep for IMWales so won't be checking on updates till I get home sometime late afternoon - some/most will be on the run by then so it should be getting pretty lively on here.

    anyone twitting updates perchance??
  • Just about to ask that myself FB, as I have much the same sort of day planned.
  • I'll try to tweet updates, but you know how it is...If you don't here for a while then it's not cos someone has come to grief, it's just cos I'm not doing my job properly!,
  • Great picture HG - keep them coming
  • Peeps have gone to the lake to rack. There have been a couple of minor wibbles this morning, but all is good.
  • Minor wibbles?  Is that all?  I would have thought there'd be some major virgin IM panics going on by now.  Surely someone's left their bike shoes at home, at least? image
  • What Twitter are you using?

    I've seen #psof and #IMRegensburg being used.

  • Neither, gazmanmeister. I may use #psof if I remember, but likelihood is I won't! (remember, that is)
  • What I laughably call training is done, beers in the fridge, Mrs S out shopping for snacks, bring it on...
  • I think I've found the ideal way for the supporters to get around!!


  • FB, I think Arctic Chicken's "little boy" Jack wil be twittering on her account too. 

    We will be out all morning, then in the late afternoon heading to see Ditchy & HH for armchair supporting en masse image

    Hope everyone is doing OK Holly and they aren't too stressed out.  Shouts and hugs and love and kisses to them from us please (and to you supporters who are there too!).

  • Where is the official pirate cheering point on the bike? I can lend a few sherpas o the massive.
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Mrs F (et al) - I'm swimming first thing and got an hour's run.  I should be around after whilst multi-tasking with a bit of packing and ironing.  I have to go out again at 4pm to a partay but should be home in time to see some of us come in.


  • Pebble 2Pebble 2 ✭✭✭
    Are they there yet  image
  • Where? The pub? image

    Mrs F I have written my armchair supporters shopping list for tomorrow. Chips, dips, beer, gin, tonic, note to self to find the takeaway menus....

    Think that'll do? We also have jelly babies in case we start to flag...they're in the freezer at the moment cos frozen jelly babies are bliddy delicious.image

    Oh, and I've got a nice bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape that M&S gave me as an apology for charging me twice for a salad (!) in case we want to go up-market....image

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