IM Regensburg Supporters Thread



  • What time (uk time) does it all kick off, I'm out on the bike first thing. So iguess I'll robablymiss the swim times.

    After that I guess I have a few hour before peeps start  fininshing the bike. So I guess mid to late morning untill its worth watching IM dead

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Go pirates!

    My twitter feed suggests all out of water bar Pea but that was an old tweet so she's prob out now too.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Lee out and so is Happychap.
  • Ah, so this is where you all are.

    *opens Twitter feed* - thanks Mouse

  • Were all on the other thread.


  • *turns off Thigh Cam, packs up back and wanders over*
  • GARR:  Don't we have a starters list or something for us to follow them with?
  • Flat Foo.ted wrote (see)

    Runners and Riders (and splashers too)

    Meldy 105
    IPM 112
    Happychap's mate Jules (entered voluntarily - no strongarm tactics) - 130
    Happychap 140 (only doing swim)
    Rio 196
    Klepto 202
    M-bear 252
    Orca 262
    Waff 271
    Aitch 276
    Ultra Iron Wolf 294
    Artful Hen 343
    Lee the Pea 344
    Gladys 412
    Barlos 466
    Bedders 487
    Toucs 596
    GarrsMateNige 604
    Pugsley 607
    Meface 948
    Steve Ho 1087
    WIldWill 1099
    Cougie 1223
    ISB 1224
    Happychap's other mate Laurie - 1235
    NeverTooLate 1371
    Happychap's mate i-Mac (serious swimming issues) - 1420
    Mandel 1437
    Orangecanon 1482
    gas-man 2060
    Mittybob 957

    Garr - pop onto the main thread.  That's where the action is

  • morning all, will pop in to see how it's all going today.
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