2 hours to kill in London tomorrow

Right you suave, urbane, metropolitan types: advice please. I'm going to be in London tomorrow, and will have a couple of hours to kill before I get my train (from Euston).

Is there anywhere recommended where I could get changed / showered and leave a bag and do a run? Alternatively, any recommendations for a decent swimming pool in central London?


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    Euston has bag storage but no showers. An option is to go to Paddington (which does have shower and bag storage) and then you can go around the back of the station and run up and down Regents Canal for as long as you want! Its about 15 mins from there back to Euston on the tube image

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    To join the canal:

    Come out onto Praed St and turn into London Street (second on your left after the dead end street) and follow that up past the hospital and then you are basically facing it. 

    Run up that and then you can go either way at Little Venice. Straight on takes you out of London to the North and the right turn takes you to Regents park. You do have to come off the canal at the tunnel but its signed image

  • If you have a first class ticket you can use the lounge at Euston, which does have showers.
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    Running Rodent wrote (see)
    If you have a first class ticket you can use the lounge at Euston, which does have showers.
    Hah well there you go I didnt know that. Wouldnt it be nice of network rail to tell you such things - which train company owns the lounge?
  • ..If you can shower at Euston, head to Regents Park for a run

    At the front of Euston get onto the main Euston Road, turn right for anbout 3/4 mile, past Euston square tube. When you are opposite Gt Portland st station (will be on your left) turn right into the park (get on the outer circle). Run round the circle to where you started and then back to Euson will be about 1 hr ish.

    Might even spot some animals as you go past London zoo!

  • I bet the title of this thread set the alarms ringing at GCHQ!!
  • LOL, musketeer! image
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    Especially if he's got one of these strapped round his waist!


  • Curly - Virgin, I think, but they also let you in if you've just stumbled off the sleeper with a Scotrail ticket.
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    Running Rodent wrote (see)
    Curly - Virgin, I think, but they also let you in if you've just stumbled off the sleeper with a Scotrail ticket.
    Thanks I'll remember that for future enquiries (peeps are often asking me where they can shower in London for some reason image)...
  • I think there are also showers which anyone can use (for a fee) a few minutes walk down the road at King's Cross station.
  • Sod that - if I had a couple of hours spare it'd be straight to the pub for some chips and a couple of pints!
  • Go to Regents Park, you can change and leave your kit in the Hub



    Disclaimer: I have changed here when a race is on but I have popped in to use the facilities at other times and it looks like you can use the changing facilities and lockers.

    Another option is to buy a day pass to ULU but this might be pricey for a visitor:

  • Walk to the Oasis swimming pool (or get the bus if your lazy) which is about 20 mins from euston. NIce heated outdoor pool and an indoor one, and you can also leave your bag etc and go for a run from there. Its about a fiver to get in, and afterwards you can walk down to covent garden (5 mins) and have a pint and some food. Simple.
  • Why not just head to Oxford Street, find the Nike store and go shopping image
  • Thanks for the advice. Like the look of the Hub: love running in Regents Park. I can't quite believe I'm not going for the pint and/or retail therapy option, but the kit is packed, and bar a monsoon, I'll be there.
  • Why bother with a shower, just get on the train smelly and no one will sit next to you!
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    The nike store is actually rubbish for running gear! They never have anything in a) my size or b) that might be useful for the season we are in...drop tops in winter/jackets in summer is a fav of theirs. The nike store round by covent garden is MUCH better.

  • Well, I brought my kit, but the monsoon came. Delayed in Brighton till 5.30, and only just made my train. So the Hub at Regents Park will have to wait. Typical.
  • In case anyone remembers this thread or cares, I finally got to try out the Hub today, and did 6 miles round Regents Park. Fully recommend the Hub. Clean, modern facilities, only 2 pounds for a lovely hot shower. I will be back.
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