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Is there any demand out there for people to meet up for running in and around Greenwich Park? The local clubs (Blackheath Harriers and Cambridge Harriers) are both quite a way away. I was wondering whether there is any untapped demand for people to meet up in the park at weekends on a loose informal basis?


  • You can count me in, a 11 minute miler, female always looking for running partners.
  • I run through the Park and across Blackheath one or two evenings a week most weeks (on the way home from central London down to Kent). There always seems to be dozens of runners especially on a Tuesday - they look to be fairly well organised so I suspect that a local club arranges to meet there in the summer months.
  • I would volunteer but I don't think you're planning to do this at 6am, are you?!?!

    While I am here, can I ask if anyone knows of a race that took place on or around Blackheath last Sunday (13th)?

  • It was the Race for life 5K on blackheath.
  • Don't be ridiculous. I would not imagine running at 6am. Although I do find 8.30 on a Sunday is always a good way of working off a hangover.
  • Sorry cb, that's the only time I can be bothered to run!!!!

    Thanks dmk.
  • Forgot to ask: did you do the race dmk? If so, how did you get on?
  • No I did it last year, wish i had done this year, unfortunately I had already signed up for the British 10K in London, when dates were announced.

  • You chose the wrong option, if you don't mind me saying! Did the British 10k last year and that was plenty. Don't think I'll ever get anywhere near it.
  • I always wondered if there's anyone from Greenwich Park on the forum. Now I know!!
  • I think that the answer to you question though is "very few".
  • see 1. the City and South East London, and 2. Beckenham threads on the Beginners forums - I'll b-o-i-n-g them up for you.
  • am a fellow greenwich parker!

    in response to the nearest clubs being miles away, there are two in dulwich - dulwich park runners (my one!) and dulwich runners - only about a 20 min drive to reach either?
  • I'm a Greenwich Park-ite as well. Like Wayfarer though I'm usually there at 6am. (Which means Wayfarer that we've probably seen each other once or twice...)

    I don't drive which means clubs a 20 minute drive away aren't very handy for me - so I'd definitely be interested in meeting up occasionally for group runs.

    Cheers, Soo.
  • Hi SBD, we must have! I also don't drive - finally found a soul mate !!!!

    Seriously though, I am only there once or twice a week. I am usually there to do hill reps, go through on my way to Shooters Hill and Oxlea (sp? forest, or go round 3/4 times if I don't fancy going any furher.

    Is that you in the pic? If so, is that how you look now? I've got someone in mind but I am not too sure!

  • Hi Wayfarer -

    That is me in the pic - and it's a recent one so that's pretty much what I look like these days. However, at 6am when I'm running - I look less smiley, more sweaty, hair all over the place and no make up... I'm either by myself or with my friend on Tues/Thurs(she's tall and looks like a runner - me, not so much).

    I generally puff out a hello and wave to everyone I pass - perhaps I'll have to add 'are you wayfarer???'

    See you soon (even if we don't know it!)
    Cheers, Soo.

  • Craft Boy

    Are you anywhere near Plumstead or Welling because there is another club called Plumstead Runners.

    They are an extremely friendly group. If you want to know more about them there web site is:

    See you around Greenwich park one of these days
  • Thanks for the suggestion but in response to the question: no, not really. I live near Blackheath Standard and work in central London so Plumstead is still quite a way (albeit much closer than my club in Reigate, Surrey). Perhaps the simple answer is that I bite the bullet and go out and buy a car!
  • Hi SBD,

    Yes, you do that (ask people whether they are Wayfarer) and one of these days you'll get a 'yes' back (after an infinite number of quizzical stares)!!!!

    Also, you can't be the person I was thinking of if you 'puff out a hello and wave to everyone', just like me! The person I was thinking of is not into that at all: I used to smile/wave/say hello every time I saw her, but I hardly got anything back so I gave up in the end!

    No worries, I'll be looking out for 2 naturally (ie no make-up) beautiful ladies, one taller than the other. That shouldn't be too difficult!! As for me, if you see a diminutive figure coming at you at the speed of light then you'd know it's me (well, one of those 2 things is true(ish))!!!!!

    Btw, surely you must know that old asian-looking couple who are there most mornings?! Now those two I get on well with!!

    See you around GP!
  • Wayfarer -

    I love the Asian couple!! They are so cute! And such an inspiration - I don't think they ever miss a day. I particularly like on the rare occasions they decide to walk instead of run and they do the circuit arm in arm....

    There's actually a core of 6am runners/dog walkers who I've got to know (well recognise and exchange hellos with) over the past year who have been really supportive and good motivation....when I miss a day or two I know one of them will notice and say something to get me back on track!!

    I didn't run today but will be out tomorrow (and yes, even on Saturday's I'm there at 6!) racking up 12 miles by doing a few circuits round the park and Heath....

    Cheers, Soo.
  • Crafty Boy

    I go along to Plumstead Runners by car. If you want a lift then e-mail me
  • I am a Canadian visiting the UK for 5 weeks. I'm staying in Greenwich Aug 2-9. I'm scheduled to do a 17 mile run on the 3rd. Wondered if anyone might suggest a good route (preferably with available water). I'm staying at 14 Foreshore, Deptford Strand (not sure if this makes sense as English addresses are different than Canadian addresses) . I'm also looking for a good 8 mile midweek route. Any advice would be appreciated. If there are any formal training groups that I could join, that would be even better. I usually run my long runs at 9-10 minutes per mile but could go slower. Thanks.
  • Hi L2R - welcome to the UK - you really should meet up with Soo.B.Doo as she's Canadian and as you can see, lives in Greenwich.

    My group runs in S E London as well and we average 9 to 10 min miles on our runs - our run that week will be on Thursday 7th August.
  • Hi SBD,

    Those occasions must be really rare indeed, because I've never seen them walking! I do see the old man on his own sometimes though and, for some reason, that always gives me a bad feeling. Makes up for it, though, when I see them next together again!

    Speaking of doing a few circuits round the park, what do you reckon is the distance of one lap around the park? I put it at something around the 2 mile mark.

    Sorry L2R, just like you, I'll be on holiday around that time. And that means being away from here!

    However, for an 8 mile course you could try something like this: you follow the main road towards the park, go past it, turn towards Blackwall tunnel, turn toward the Dome. When you the Dome turn back this time following the Thames path along the river. That would take you back to the main road again. Then just follow the 'Thames path' signs which would take to Surrey Quays, then back to Deptford.

    I do it every week and I reckon it around the 8 mile mark (not that I have ever measured it - my interest in running doesn't stretch that far!!).

    Happy Running Greenwich Parkers!!
  • I used Greenwich Park for my early morning training when I was working by the Thames Barrier, I'm sure that Asian man was speed walking/running back then [98].
  • Wayfarer

    I'd put a lap down to about two miles also. I'm using the park as the base for my Dublin marathon training. 2 mile run (from Lee) to the park then a few laps, increasing by one lap every two weeks. Good mix of hills, grass and shelter from the current blazing sun!!
  • Hi Multi,

    Don't you get bored going round the park? As I said before, I do go round sometimes but generally for my long runs, I go up Shooters Hill towards Oxley (sp?) forest. And when training for the marathon I'd go in and round the forest too, otherwise I just reach the Tower and get back down again.

    How many laps of the park are you up to now? And how is the training going overall? No injuries I hope!

  • Forest? In/near south London? Better check my ordnance survey map!!

    I've tried longer routes by going to GP via Bromley, but all I get is blazing sun and exhaust fumes, so I guess the laps is the better alternative plus it allows for a more structured increase in mileage without being caught to far from home, and the mixed terrain protects my ankle from the constant pounding of the concrete (old football injury!)

    Boredom is an issue, but GP is such a beautiful park with so much going on that it does serve to break things up a bit.

    Currently, upto 5 laps so I guess that's a total running distance, including to/from park of about 14 miles.

    Thanks for the suggestion of the forest; I'll have to check that out and see how it can be incorporated into my weekly long run.

  • Drop down onto the river walk you can do up to 30 miles in various ways, flat as a pancake.
    Either up to Tower Bridge and back or over and thro' Docklands or along towards Erith and Thamesmead.
    If you want a guided tour one weekend ...mail me your number and I will come for a trot with you. Always glad of the company.
    Bit busy for a while but mail me anyway.
  • L2R - We should be a able to find you some interesting routes.... Email me (you can do that from my profile) and we can chat more. Just checked my schedule and I'm supposed to do 16 miles that weekend so that may work out well....

    Wayfarer - The Asian couple (who will soon be famous on this forum!) split up after the first circuit - she goes home and he does a second one by himself. So no need to worry if he's alone! I'm with Multi - I don't like running on the roads when I can avoid it, so I just zigzag and loop around the park and Heath until I get the required number of miles in. Longest run is about 13 miles and haven't been bored yet!!

    See you all in the Park!
    Cheers, Soo.
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