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Hi all, posted this on the Unnoffical.. forum and not got much interest. If there none here I won't bother going any further. Any views? :-

I don't know if any of you remember but a few weeks ago I posted a thread about the fact I had contacted Sweatshop mailorder regarding getting a discount for club members/forum users. They replied with this, this morning

"Thanks for your email.

I have spoken to my Marketing Manager and we can offer you and your forum
members a 10% discount on non-sale goods.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to your original

You will need to inform us of the club/forum that you belong to when you
place an order so that we can apply the discount.

On the phone you can order on 020 8758 0044.

If you order via our web site www.sweatshop.co.uk please send an email after
your order again to request the discount.

I hope that this is all ok with you. Any problems or if you would like to
check on availability of stock please do not hesitate to call me on the
above phone number.

Steve Tomaschek
Sweatshop Mail Order Manager


  • Well done BK!!

    Nice to know that some shops do listen, and realise that keeping a group of people happy is good business sense. Now, can my credit card cope with more kit this month?
  • definately interested sorry BK... Got a bit too involved with the nurses.

    Good work young man!
  • Well done BK. Sweatshop already offer a 10% discount to running club members. It's nice to see that they recognise the URWFRC as just that.
    I'm working my way down the forums from top to bottom so I'm interested to find out about the nurses though.
  • Yes BK
    Yesterday wasn't a good day for serious stuff.
    Brill idea, and well done you for securing it.
  • That is brilliant news BK - thanks for securing this for us, it is appreciated.
    (You should have negotiated a percentage kickback for yourself though - Doh !)

    Now where is their webpage - I'm off shopping !
  • Does this count for items which are on sale, as due to lack of funds, I only buy sale items. If it doesn't, I'm not too bothered, since a sale is already a discount.

  • Thanks for doing this BK. I am certainly interested although probably will try and resist buying anything for a couple of months - my credit card has taken a hammering recently and it needs some recovery time!

  • Didn't see this posted here as well. Nice work, well done.

    Do you know when it is likely to take effect?

  • Just to clarify the discount from Sweatshop's point of view:

    The discount will be available from all 20 Sweatshops except [email protected] I am currently in the process of informing all the managers about the discount so it should be available from tomorrow (Saturday 21/09/02). If you have any questions about using this discount, please do not hesitate to contact Steve Tomaschek at Mail Order, on 020 8758 0044.

    The discount will only be available on non-sale goods, as sale goods have already been discounted.

    Membership cards will not be required when claiming the discount. You just need to inform the member of staff of your (unofficial) club membership.

    Hope this helps. I will be working in the Teddington Sweatshop tomorrow so hopefully I may see some of you there?


    (By the way, cougie, the website address is www.sweatshop.co.uk)
  • Well done BK and sweatshop= recognising a quality club.
  • Thanks, BK. Fantastic work.
    Thanks, Sweatshop, for recognising that we're a real club and letting us have the discount.
    I really appreciate it.
    But...I probably won't use it much. My nearest Sweatshop is in Dudley, and I already get a 10% discount at Sutton Runner (which is practically on my doorstep) because I hold a council Leisurecard.
    What it does mean is that if I need a proper check of my gait before buying new running shoes, or want a wide choice of specialist kit, Sweatshop will be my first port of call.
    If there's a junior section, my credit card will be getting a serious bashing.
  • What a result! And just in time for the autumn kit...

    Well done Mr BK.
  • Well done BK I shall check them out for my new trainers required for Dublin marathon end of next month.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this.
  • Thanks Annajo - I've got the website saved on my favourites now !
  • Just back from a short break. Many thanks Annajo for clarifying the situation. Seems this found a momentum all of its own.
  • Thanks, BK - this is a great initiative. I recently ordered some stuff from Sweatshop online, and was nicely impressed by what I got and how quickly it arrived. This makes it an even better reason to order again (sigh).
  • Sweatshop guys - PLEASE open up a branch near me, Salisbury or Bournemouth - look at my toes - I need help!!! We have NOTHING in the way of a decent runners' shop between Portsmouth & Exeter and there are SO many running clubs round here. Admittedly mail order is an option but it's not the same. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE I'll come in every day, I'll try loads of new trainers, I'll buy loads of really loud gear that you haven't been able to shift, I'll bring my friends......
  • Fantastic the power of this forum - well done BK - will now have a good excuse for ordering new winter gear :O)
  • This is fab! Thanks and well done BK for sorting this.

    Just one thing - is this for mail order only or can we use the discount in a Sweatshop shop?

    I live in, and use, the Woking branch - never been anywhere else in my 3 years of running, the staff are so friendly and helpful. I guess if it's mail order only, I can go into the shop sort out what I need and then order on-line.

    Happy Shambler!
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