A lunarglide 2 user seeks a nike shoe for speedwork?!

Hi, im a happy nike lunarglide 2, and nike+ user, but I found on my speed work days they feel a little heavy and most of my energy is being absorbed into the sole. On the one hand this is great for my long runs as its made all my impact injuries and ITB problems a thing of the past, but on the other hand I'd like another, lighter, faster shoe for speed work and perhaps race days (Only 10k and under though).

After speaking with the guys at sweat shop im led to beleive the lunarelites arent much lighter or faster than the glides, and have just been pulled from stores because nike are pulling them out of the market and encouraging the zoom in its place. In the US store they are already selling the zoom streak as their new racing flat.

So would I be right in thinking the lunar racer or zoom streak would be my best choice? I also see there is another shoe called lunarfly and its hard to see where that fits in the range. Also lunarswift and the new lunar vengeance all on the nike site are confusing me more. But then looking at the nike official site and you cant see a mens lunar racer being sold anymore, so perhaps they are going away too? ideally I want to stick with nike because of the better fit to my foot and the nike+.

I can see the zoom streak 3, lunar racer 2 both on sale for under £50 through several known supplies so maybe its cheap enough to take a gamble on it. 

Incidentally I saw the new lunarglide 3 already on sale at £65 at sports direct in store today in 3 colours. Oddly a lower price than the lunarglide 2 sat next to it on the rack. 

Does anyone have a similar issue to me? Is it even worth bothering with? 


  • Why get so obsessed with lunars. Loads of other equally good brands and light weight shoes around. I use the adidas adizero range. Take a look at some alternatives and stick your Nike thingy in a shoe wallet in the laces.
  • You clearly didnt read what I wrote. Thanks for nothing
  • My bro is a massive lunar glide fan & he's just got the lunar racers. Seem like a great shoe for what you are after.

    The streak is a more conventional 'racer' so doesn't pack the lunar foam midsole. As such may not be quite what you are after - but it is a quick 5/10km boot, (or marathons if you are sub 2hr 20min standard).

    The lunarfly looks more like a Nike leisure pump/gym shoe than true running trainer.
  • Chill. No need to be rude!
  • You're the one that didn't read his post Dylan. He wants Nike - hence your answer was pointless.
  • Snideness aside, where are you getting LunarRacers from for less than £50? I will tolerate Nikes if they save me £25 over my usual Asics!

  • Having great fun reading your comments guys!!!!  Just bought Lunarswift today as an alternative pair to Asics 2170, not sure how they will go.  Bought them in Sports Direct but the guys don't know much about running there!

  • mrandyyumrandyyu ✭✭✭

    Try a pair of the new Lungarglide 4s out. I have a pair of Nike Free Run 3 and I found the weight comparable between the two, though with the Lunarglide offering more support.

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    The LunarGlide 4's are amazing. I found the 1, 2 and 3's very bulky and heavy. But the 4's are twice as cushioned and very light due to the reduced fabric upper. If you want a tempo shoe for faster speed work and are a Nike fan, try the Zoom Elites, they are great, very responsive and springy. I wear the Lunaracer's they are good too, but quite narrow.

  • might be a bit late here but i agree with ss above. i have lunarglide 4's and lunaracers.  the 4's are amazingly responsive and a pleasure to run in. Like you Wayne C i moved to lunarglide after suffering itb problems and have never looked back.

    The racers are really light and comfy though a tad narrow so i can see a time when my feet burst out the sides (not happened yet mind) they are great for track work and racing. lunarglide 4's and lunaracer2s are the perfect combo in my opinion.

  • On my second pair of lunarglides 3's and like yourself wanted lighter lunars. Went with lunar racers, best decision ever. Great combination.
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