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  • You can't know what goes on between people in another family, who you've never even met.

    To make such judgemental statements as "her peers, family and friends around her who could of helped her should feel very guilty for not doing enough" is self-serving crap.

    You have no idea what Amy Winehouse's family, friends and peers have tried.

    Repeating what you've read in a red-top as being some kind of "proof" that her mother didn't try to help her is as foolish as believing that what the paper printed is accurate in the first place.

    (and incidentally, it should be "could have helped her")

  • image Miss Wilkie! image

    Actually, Mitch Winehouse has been VERY vocal in how much he has tried to helped Amy. I have heard him giving very lengthy interviews about Amy, her marriage and addiction. He DID try to help her but ultimately you can't make people with addictions get better unless you stand over them 24/7 and practically imprison them and hasn't one woman just been charged with just that? I heard on Radio 5 live about a mother who served time for imprisoning her addict daughter recently in an effort to get her clean.image

    I can't help but feel sorry for Mr and Mrs Winehouse. It's just not "the way of things" to bury your own children.

    And I think it's a interesting indictment of our celebrity culture that the minute Ms Winehouse shuffles off, she instantly goes straight back into the charts.image

  • That's nothing new LB - I remember Elvis going to number one when he died and Jon Lennon being at numbers 1-3 in the charts straight after his death.

    I think the fact that people debate and rake over a life they know very little about is more of an indictment of that celebrity obsession.  

  • So have you cancelled your subscriptions to Heat/OK/Hello etc?
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    that rehab song she did was a cover

    I have a jazz verson of it by Jeff Lober

    read in metro paper today her ex husband blames himself for her passing
  • Badly Drawn Bloke wrote (see)
    So have you cancelled your subscriptions to Heat/OK/Hello etc?

    Never read Heat. Or OK. Read Hello in the hairdressers.

    All shit.image

  • Compo 1 - Lober's version is a cover of Winehouse's original. Lorber clearly attributes that to her on the album ("Heard That").
  • Doesn't make any difference, the PM has been done and the results will out in due course.
  • Usual tittle tattle crap from the tabloids...reaping praise on the folk who have left bottles of alcohol by her 'memorial' in camden as a sign of 'respect'*ts.

    I just hope it's a bunch of naive teenagers who don't get the relevance of leaving this by someone battling alcohol/drug addiction...otherwise it's a bunch of idiotic planks trying to give us the real reason why they 'loved' her, shame again that the alcohol overshadowed her singing career...image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Calm down, we're not talking about Osama Bin Laden!
  • Evidence of what?

    Whether he had 20 bullets or 1 bullet in him he's just as dead.

  • Evidence of what exactly?  The fact that she was a drunk and a smackhead?  Thats hardly a revelation.  The family, apparently, wanted to see their daughter off quickly, nothing more.  I suspect they had several reasons for this, their (I beleive) Jewish faith possibly being one, the desire for the media circus to be cut short allowing them to grieve being another.

    We're talking about a young lass who sang to varying degrees of ability and who cut her life short in whatever way - the PM will prove how in due course - and who's family wanted to say their goodbyes quietly and without fuss.  This is hardly an earth shattering event.  Nor will it bring about political catastrophe or the end of civilisation as we know it. 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I've heard that the latest tattle is that she died because her body was going into alcohol withdrawal. Seems perfectly plausible if she really was trying to get herself clean
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    anon wrote (see)

    Peculiar to allow the mortal remains to be disposed of before they know how she died.

    Is she being buried or cremated?

    "They" probably know.  It doesn't matter whether "we" know or not.  Now or ever, really.
  • It's standard practice, isn't it, for the body to be released after the post mortem? Then it takes a while for full toxicology tests to be completed.

    There is nothing to hide or cover up here and nothing that anybody, other than her familly and close friends, have a 'right' to know.

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