Entered a marathon instead of a half by mistake!!

As the title says I entered a full marathon instead of a half  marathon by mistake.  This is the Wolverhampton one on 4th September.    This half was going to be part of my training for my first marathon in October (Chester). 

 My last weeks running was  Monday 14, Tuesday 4,  Wednesday 8 and Friday 9.  The question is can i be ready to run the marathon in 5 weeks or do I try to change it?


  • What do you think? Not as facetious as it sounds. Looks like you have a 14 mile capability already but only you know what you had left at the end.

    Ring the organisers and change to the 1/2  - you might get some money back as well

  • Thanks. If I ran say. 17, 20 and 22 over the next three sundays, then taper I should be ok. BUT if I failed and ended up walking a chunk of it I take it really badly as a failure.
  • Don't do it. Seriously. You could break yourself quite badly.
  • I did a similar thing, got a place in a Marathon with 8 wks to go to start.

    IT HURT LOTS & NEARLY PUT ME OFF FOREVER ! ( Only nearly tho ! )
  • I would change it - all your training is being geared towards a marathon a month later - so rather than rush your training - see if the organisers will allow you to change.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Change it, you might well get round Wolverhampton, but as said above, you've been targetting Chester and training well from what I've seen on that thread, so why undermine all that?
  • Even if they don't allow you to chnage just run the half anyway.
  • as you have a marathon already in place for chester..change it as you have nothing to gain from doing one earlier than planned.but a lot to lose

    good luckimage

  • Thanks a lot for your input, very much appreciated.  Will change it tomorrow.  For some reason I thought placves were always non-transferable.  Chester was were I lived for the first 30 years of my life and one of the reasons why i wanted to do it.

    Once again thanks.

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭
    If they don't let you change, it will act as a supported 20miler, BUT do it at LSR pace, and STOP at 20miles, even if you feel like going on- get someone to wait for you at that point and drag you off the course!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Spen, I'm sure they'll change it....it'll require only a tiny admin change.

    And if they don't, like Johnny says, just do the half anyway, depsite wearing presumably a different colour number.

    I wouldn't do a 20, as that's probably still too far for you at this stage, and also you'd still feel as if you were dropping out of the 26, which is a feeling to be avoided unless injured.

  • The only marathon I've run which had a half going at the same time was Stratford. If you didn't get to a certain point (11.84 miles rather bizarrely) by 2.25 they pulled you off the course and gave you a half medal anyway even if you booked for the full.

    Administration wise it can't be too tricky to swap you over at this stage. I'd ask. Worse thing they can do is say no. At which point I would simply run to the half finish line and say "I've had enough, ta"

    They're not going to manhandle you back onto the course are they?image

  • Thanks Steve and Liverbird.  I would not do it at all if they said no.  It is a mental thing with me and would feel like a failure if did not complete.
  • SPoke to the organiser and it is ok to transfer,
  • Great news that they're going to let you transfer Spen. The last thing you need in the build up to Chester is extra stress over this.

    Good luck with both races. And be careful which box you tick next time! image

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