Pain - lower back/pelvis offset to 1 side

Lower back/pelvis, right hand side only. Pain seems to be centred in a vertical orientation 3-4 inches long, my guess would be just outside of the sacro illiac. Feels like nerve pain, rather than muscle tears/pulls.

Last run was Friday. Pain didn't start to appear till Saturday night, so I'm figuring its unconnected. Sunday morning it was worse and took a few minutes to work out which movements were less painful, to allow me to get up.

Didn't take painkillers yesterday, just kept mobile, occasional cold gel pack and used the foam roller against the wall. This surprised me as i thought the problem was vertical, but the pain areas highlighted by the roller cover an area the same size, but horizontally moving away from the spine.

Today its no worse if I'm active. Unfortunately my job keeps me at a pc.....

I'm finding  reasons to disappear round the factory and get onto my feet. I'm also using cocodamol and ibuprofen. I found they weren't contraindicative, so long as you don't take them at the same time. So its 4 hourly intervals for each, staggered by 2 hours.

Now it might seem like I'm going WAY into details here. But I'm looking for some help. I know there's a good chance this'll shift by Friday. I've had similar before. But I'd like to maximise the chances. Reason? I've got to get down to Catton Park this weekend to do Thunder Run. (Not a solo runner, part of a team.)

I've got so much family stuff on this week, I haven't got time to be organising trips to physios etc.

So I guess I'm looking for any other advise, which could speed up the process.

As I said, I'm already utilising the reusable cold gel packs, following 'R.I.C.E.' as far as I can. Would localised application of heat be likely to improve or exacerbate the situation?


  • Hi,

    I get something that sounds very familiar to this,prob about twice a year as I start to get slack with my stretches. My sports massage lady (who is brilliant) always advises me of heating it as it is not a tear or a pull but more of a muscles spasm to do with muscles in my glutes.

    Doctor also gave me diazepam as it is a muscle relaxant but it does knock you out, and can take a while to get out of the system.

    SOrry, writing this quick as am supposed to be workingimage

  • Hi Garry

     I have pain in what sounds like a similar place which flares up from time to time. It's when my sacro-illiac joint "locks" on one side and won't move freely, causing me pain. I have manual manipulation to unlock it again from my physio. He tells me to do glute mid/med strengthening exercises.

    Obviously can't say if you have the same problem you need looking at.

    Good luck


  • sounds very much like your piriformis or glute medius need releasing - best option would be sports massage (understand you're very busy but it will be worth the aggro).

     DIY method is possible using tennis/hockey ball and doing some massage yourself (can probably find something on google/youtube if you search for myofascial release for piriformis) but seriously recommend you get someone suitably qualified to get in there and see exactly what the problem is. 

    If you've had similar problems before you need to think about doing some strength work alongside your running otherwise this is going to keep happening. 

  • Gambatt3Gambatt3 ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys,

    at dinner I went out and got one of those mocrowave wheat bags. I sat at my desk with it pinned between me and the chair back. Bosses came along and had a meeting round where I was sat. After they went I stood up and a large amount of the pain had gone. I figured it could be the drugs kicking in, but several hours later, no change. Obviously its not 100%, but I can't believe how much better it is

    Could just be that it was time anyway, but I think the heat worked.

    Going to take it steady now and taper for TR24 image

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