Goodbye for now...


Just to say, that I'm not going to be around on the forums very much for the forseeable future as my charming boss decided to make me redundant this morning (hence no daytime internet access).

That's not to say I won't be lurking around late in the evenings (probably with Snicks)to see what's been going on!

I still hope to make it to Windsor & Dublin. Hopefully running could help me through all this.

Sorry I just needed to have a moan.


Jason L

Senior Graphic Designer seeks work.
All offers carefully considered! :-)


  • Join the club Jason,
    3 months to the day since I got canned (which was the second time in 9 months....)

    good luck with the job search
  • Really sorry to hear that Jason. Hope something comes up soon for you mate.

    Give me a call if you fancy a run or even just a chat.

    Hope the training continues to go well as well.

    Cheers mate.

  • Sorry to hear it Jason. I'm sure everything will turn out better for you.

  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    Jason, sorry to hear your news, its an awfull feeling I know its happened to me also which is why I am lurking around these forums most days, still it means you can run any time you want during the day.

    Good luck for the future mate.......
  • Jason - at least you can now update your portfolio with all your forum wizardry. You will never be forgotten and be proud that a growing army of forumites is running withh your logo on our chests.

    Good luck
    Come back soon!
  • sorry to hear that jason - many thanks for your work on my piccie which rec'd much approval!
  • Hope you find a new job soon. I'm sure everyone who has bought a vest/t-shirt will be only too glad to give you a glowing reference :-)
  • That's really crappy. Hope everything works out OK.

  • Sorry Mate.
  • Thanks everyone!
  • Jason - really sorry - all the best with the job search.
  • Jason, that's bad news. But with those kinds of skills I'm sure you'll be in demand. Why not go freelance for a while? Unless your contract is written on tablets of stone (better be careful here) use your network to let everyone know you're available. Best of luck.
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