Talkback: Q+A: Ironman UK

Have a plan for 'personal management' written down. Most performance failures are due to poor personal mangement which can be avoided through nutrition and personal care (sun-cream, chaffing etc).

Writing it down assists the brain in remebering the information allowing you to act on it come race day.

Oh and wear k-Swiss shoes!image



  • 'Look' as fast as you can... actual speed doesnt matter, if you look fast then everyone around will just crumble and go slower

  • remember to take toilet roll....portaloos never have enough in them
  • Keep a motivational song or saying in your head so when the going gets tough, sing the song or say the saying over and over in your head. It'll take your mind off the pain. @TroyMaloy 
  • Check, double check and triple check all of the stuff you have to take with you, make yourself a list if you do not have one already.

    Nutrition will be sooooooooo important. Make sure you use the gels (or other bars) that you have been testing while training. DO NOT try anything new on the day, Ironman is hard enough, with an upset stomach it will make it more complicated!

    Enjoy passing that finish line and don't forget to smile!

    Best of luck to all. 

  • My best tip: In the beginning go as fast as you can, and then gradually increase your speed. 

  • On the bike, thank the people at the aid stations.........come lap 3 you are going to need them image

  • If possible when warming up before the race run the wrong way from the finish and then back again... that way you'll know what the finish looks like. I like to be familiar with where I am going, the terrain etc... (Only works if Tri begins and ends in same place!)
  • Put sunscreen in T1 and T2 bags and most important remember to take some plastic/rubber gloves. In the unlikely event (UK), likely (elsewhere) of having to put on sunscreen you'll avoid having it on everything else you touch afterwards, eg sunglasses, brake levers etc.
  • JFDI
  • try something new on race dayimage

    always makes things a little more interesting!

  • fell off my bike today,badly bruised and cut,morale of the story is that lifes a bitch.......
  • Mentally prepare yourself by imagining the race from warm up and swim through transitions to crossing the line.  Having already "raced" mentally you can relax knowing exactly what to do!
  • Well done to Troy Squires - you've won the pair of K-Ona S shoes! Could you send your full address to

    Thanks to everyone else for submitting your excellent tips and good luck with all your future races.

     Dominique TW

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