Hull Marathon?

I posted this in General, but think I got the wrong place.

Hi All, I'm new posting to this forum (have been lurking for a while) and it seems to be the place where those in the know, know.

I'm just getting into my running again after a long lay off (and several pounds laying on) and have read that the hull marathon is going ahead in 2012. I'm quite excited about the prospect as it's home turf but other than the news piece on the hull daily mail website ( can't find any other info.

Anyone know what's going on or where I can find more info?




  • I dont know anything and havent heard any one else mention it but it would be great if they did.  I havent ran  a marathon before and wasnt planning on running  one next year but I would  give it some serious consideration. 
  • WOW! yes that will be great if they do! There used to be one apparently but they've only organised the half for years now! I'll look out for any info!!
  • I've just had an email from the organisers of Hull Marathon 2012, so it's definitely going ahead but they as yet haven't released the date.

  • I've just had a text from a friend who's brother runs for a local club and he says they've had an email this morning confirming the event.

    I had a look and the website and it says "coming soon"

    So it's all looking positive, I'd better dig the running shoes out and get pounding the pavement!

  • The inaugural race will take place on 8th April 2012. More info here. Registration started today. I am signed up!
  • Great - but why does it have to be on Easter Sunday? It's like organising a race on Christmas Day! No chance of getting time to do this race.

    Doubly frustrating, as I have a free entry to Hull M and wanted to do a marathon in April next year.
  • Looking forward to this. This will be my first Marathon, great to have it in my hometown image

  • Good to see some positive comments on the event, Cookay and HB great to see your already signed up.

    No sooner had the marathon been announced and there was a negative piece on Look North, it could only happen in Hull.

    All the best to the organisers and all those taking part, it will be a great race in a great city.

  • I'm in!

    Hi Happy, I saw the look north report too so i contacted uk athletics head office. Happy to report that uka are fully behind the race and working closely with the organisers (their words) so looks like the usual high quality of guess work by local media.

    On a big positive, for me at least, reading the hull daily mail piece on the marathon it looks like the route goes out from hull centre to the humber bridge, sounds like quite a flat route? Not run much for a while so flat works for me image - I can't think of any hills?
  • Ex-pat Scot, are you the notorious superman who biked 50 miles to hell on the humber, ran 80 miles through the night then biked 50 miles home?

    Wow! may have a go at hell on the humber next year, wont be biking though and i only live around the corner. hahaha. Wont do 80 miles either!

    How do you do it?
  • Good work Jon that's great news! image

     Time for everyone to forget the bad press the marathon recieved and get behind it!!

  • I'm in for this one.  Really excited about running through the streets I grew up in as a kid.  I see the proposed course starts in Alfred Gelder St and goes westwards.  Does anyone know any further details?
  • Hi Folks I'm one of the team organising the event. Current position is we have a route agreed in principle with both local authorites in the region and the various emergency services engaged too, just a couple of minor things to sort out with it which will be addressed this week. The issues that were raised this week regarding a licence were factually incorrect as the route doesn't cross any open and closing bridges nor level crossings. Our conversations with UK Athletics Management since then have been very positive, they are happy with the application thus far, see no issues with it and look forward to granting the licence very shortly once we formally present the route to them. There has also been misinformation regarding cost published, it is £38 for club members, the first 250 applicants receive a further discount, currently up to about 160. We are having positive conversation with a number of potential partners and sponsors, the national and local charities we are supporting are delighted with the plan, so its full steam ahead. It's a great opportunity for the city, my one regret is I won't be running it as I suspect I will be a tad busy that day!

  • Cav - Thanks for coming on and putting things straight from the horses mouth, so to speak. I can't wait to see the route, getting quite excited about this now and its still 6 months away!

    Will you be on here often? Just thinking if we have questions etc may be good to post here so you can answer for everyone?

  • Jon - no problem, just wanted to ensure that everybody is up to speed with current positon and try to clear up the confusion. Yes I'll contunue to post on here as things progress and we are now on twitter and facebook if you use those too!/HullMarathon and Have you entered yet, still 75 early bird places avaialable? Thanks for the support we have received a great deal over the past few days, amazed at the number of people of work who are now up for their first marathon too!

  • Just checked the Hull Marathon website and up to 334 entries, with a good representation of local clubs, not bad in a couple of weeks.

    Looks like this event will take off and I'm sure there will be a surge after the autumn marathon season and VLM disappointments.

    I'm keeping my options open but need to complete my third marathon at Chester on Sunday.
  • Keeping my options open for a Spring marathon, only thing that puts me off is knowing Hull is hilly. Would like to see the route and get the views of locals before deciding.

  • RC - There seems a good flow of entries for this, it's local for me but I'd like to see a few more details before deciding, like the route. The course now has it's AKA licence so the organisers should get on and let everyone know.

    Hull is very flat but the approach to the Humber bridge would be uphill and the bridge itself is not flat especially returnung from the south bank at Barton, parts of East Riding also have a few hills but not like West Yorkshire hills. The hillyness or otherwise wouldn't put me off.

    The date is earlier in the year than I've ever done a marathon (only 3 to date) and I'm not the best for training in winter so would prefer a May date but never say never.

    There seems to be another Hull Marathon? forum in the general running section but still not very active. With over 400 signed up, it should get going as Delia would say, Come on, Were are ya, Lets be Havin Ya.

    Hull people are not usually shy in expressing their views.



  • Thanks HW, I suppose everyones definition of Hilly is different - I know it's flat on Leeds terms, ran the half there this year, jesus...

    I'm looking at this one, Manchester and MK - all in April and all in their first year, I know Manchester had one previously but this is the first year back I think? Rotterdam is the flattest maybe I should just stick with the original plan. image

    Doing Hull means I can head back to Leeds the next day for the footy before heading home image
  • Course is on website now, looks pretty flat apart from obvious exception of crossing the bridge twice, rest of it is flat apart from a 3 or 4m drop at the start and rise at the end. Take the bridge out and it'd be flatter than London!
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