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A sensible question from me for once.....
Done it before with varied success and the advantage is I have the stomach of a garbage disposal unit so variety of options gel wise here.
Has anyone any experience of pre mixing up different gels with water, which ones mix up best/best ratios of gels to water (it will have to be a 500ml bottle because that is all that will fit on the seat tube)/combinations of flavours that suit......I don't have a sweet tooth at all so will probably use lime juice instead of plain water to mix it anyway.
I need enough to last me with other food stuff plus water for 6 hours on the bike so about a dozen gels max. I have no intention of chucking £12 quid away every time I try a different combination so there will be a prize for the one I like the best........

....... the second prize will be two nights with me .....


  • Is there a reason to preclude the use of a powdered energy formula? I'd imagine these are easier to get a handle on mixing ratios... Personally I've used High5 and SiS PSP22 and prefer the latter...

    Never mixed the gels directly before, sorry! image
  • only that i cant get the volume in the bottle to last the whole race.......can take ges on their own if necessary and have done in the past. just fancied pre mixing it and drinking it in gobfulls on a regular basisrather than ripping the tops off packets and squeezing them in my mouth and sticking the gooey wrapper in my pants for the next six hours
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    I've never tried mixing it (intentionally) but when i tried it with some power gels it turned into a gunky mess and was more awful to chug down. I've moved to SiS and never looked back.

    Does this answer qualify for the two nights? image

  • may even get you three.........

  • I'm almost scared to reply in case I get second prize but.....

    I've found Powerbar and SIS gels mix up with water just fine. I didn't work out a gel:water ratio - enough to be able to suck the gel through the bottle. GU worked okay in the soft flasks I had but as the gel is thicker it did need more mixing up.  I didn't compare how many gels+water could fit in a bottle. image
  • well off you go then and run a few trial mixes please...... if you want to win that is ......... you are currently guaranteed only third prize of three nights
  • I've got a bottle of gel that is designed to be watered down a little and go in a bottle.  Hang on, I'll find out what make it is.....
  • It's Agisko.  I bought it from Epic Cycles.
  • hangs .................
  • thanks you are looking good for the prize.......

    ............ lucky boy image
  • I pack 8 gels into my 500ml bottle and then add a little water to top up.

    Maxifuel Viper Active gels seem to mix with the water nicely, but then again they are nice and fluid to begin with and not too sweet.

  • Thanks folks......

    Will decide on the winner tomorrow image
  • Mr W's post has just reminded me that Hammer Gels also sell bottles of gel Linky thing 
  • Plum - what the hell are you talking about?

    Why not just whack the gels in a bottle by themselves - you can add water for ease of slurpage but it's not really necessary (imho). If you're only taking 12 gels that's only two slurps an hour so who cares what it tastes like. HTFU.


  • Torq gels are good value cos they have more grams of carbs than the others. Evans cycles is the cheapest I've found. High five are lovely and sweet - you'd hate them. You can add salt to the gels to make them taste really gross.

    I'd like Little Ninja to have my prize.
  • Its getting the gooey m,oc out the bottle and into my go and most of them need to be taken with water anyhow.... I am just trying to make my life easier young waffy
  • Yeh I know that really - but I think the easiest is to keep the gels to themselves (maybe a drop of water to loosen the mix) so you can get plenty in the bottle and then drink water more or less constantly from a different bottle.
  • try these Plummie... ISOGELS

    These gels are not gloopy. They don't need water.  Use a clear bottle and with a perm marker pen mark up the bottle for every gel you tip in, then you can judge how much you are slurping.   This was a TOP TIP from the IMTalk boys a couple of years back. 


  • Can you get those Hammer Gels over here LN ??
  • I use hammer gels, the espresso is especially good, and I like the raspberry or vanilla  too. It's actually purpose-made for mixing with water, it says on the packet  to mix one packet with 150 to 200ml water when using it in a drink bottle. It isn't as thick and gooey as other gels. Have no idea if it's sold in England, sorry.
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    @Ultrawolf - where do you get yours from? (which country)

     I got some from here image. Thanks Google your a star image

  • Emmy I live in Germany and buy mine from a (fairly)  local bike shop.

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    Hi Ultra, Thanks for that. I'm often around Cologne so will have a look in my local store.
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