It's goodnight from me


Just to say, that I'm not going to be around on the forums very much for the forseeable future as my charming boss decided to make me redundant this morning (hence no daytime internet access).

That's not to say I won't be lurking around late in the evenings (probably with Snicks)to see what's been going on!

I still hope to make it to Windsor & Dublin. Hopefully running could help me through all this.

Sorry I just needed to have a moan.


Jason L

Senior Graphic Designer needs work.
All offers carefully considered! :-)


  • Jason - considered freelance? My brother-in-law does web design (based in Windsor) and might want to chat to a designer... email me if you're interested & I will forward your message to him.
  • Thats a bummer Jason. although I'm pretty sure that somebody with your talent will have no problems finding a new job!
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