Sandwiches for the week made on a Sunday



  • Salad cream?  What kind of twisted freak are you???????????????????????????????? 
  • Its the future........
  • Fairly stunned that this even merits a mention.....
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Out of interest, what's in his sandwiches JB?

    I too image marmite but that's another thread I think image

  • I keep my bread in the fridge. The marg is also kept in the fridge. So are many things I might have as sandwich fillings. They may as well be combined! I might give it a go..
  • Ham, chicken or cheese, Cinders
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Peter Everitt wrote (see)
    I keep my bread in the fridge. The marg is also kept in the fridge. So are many things I might have as sandwich fillings. They may as well be combined! I might give it a go..
    Good luck Peter.
  • I think that's a great idea...I barely ever remember to make my lunch the nightbefore, and when i do half the time i forget and leave it in the fridge at if I made it all on sunday then took one big bad to work on monday that'd be perfect!

  • md6 - surely you just make a big batch of marmalade sandwiches at a time.
  • Must be a man thing: I had a colleague that  would make about a month's worth of plain ham sarnies at a time and put them all in the freezer.

    If your tastes are that boring it must be a great timesaver.

    Personally I don't like knowing what I'm going to eat days or weeks in advance.

  • PhilPub wrote (see)
    Do you like washing up?  image
    um, yes , i like all cleaning actually, why?image
  • Ahh that's nothing! Less than a week old. He should be aiming to make his last longer than these lovely 14 day sandwiches. image
  • The butter will taste exactly the same as straight from the packet if it has been in the fridge the whole time, as long as butter is cold it will taste the same whether it is in the packet, on a sandwich or buried 4 months in a swamp (ehm yes this has been done image and replicated image )

    Some breads will go always go soggy other breads will only go soggy with certain fillings/toppings. And to be fair to the guy I know to bread types with Swedish cheese that if wrapped in clingfilm and kept in the fridge actually tastes rather nice, in fact even better sometimes image Being from a poor and frugal background any sandwiches left from picnics and school outings went into the fridge to be eaten later, It works best when the bread is Limpa eller Fralla with butter, cheese and/or cheap smoked ham, mayo can work too but not directly on the bread but rather on the cheese or the ham. Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and peppers on top should be avoided...but I'd still eat it. Must say though my absolut max would probably be 5 days and no more...unless when totally skint as then I'd eat anything.

    Although sandwiches will never count as lunch for me so most often I cook a mahoosive meal and then I have two dinners and two lunches, sometimes I even get two more meals out of it.  But my friend she cooks proper meals for lunch boxes on the Sunday for the whole week, if I had a freezer I would do the same.

    I is a girl so not sure on the man thing comment.

  • Maybe a large packet of Imodium would be a good investment!
  • 14 days!! That's for wimps - try this
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    3 years!!!! image
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    loulabell wrote (see)
    um, yes , i like all cleaning actually, why?image
    Aah, too late.  Just had it.  Delicious it was too.  I was just thinking that my cooking and your love of cleaning sounds like a complementary combination.  image
  • id want paying for cleaning servicesimage
  • Bear B.Hind wrote (see)
    14 days!! That's for wimps - try this
  • it's far more efficient to do the sandwiches in one go, e.g. one set of washing up is required. i'd say he has deployed six sigma methodology in making his sandwiches to eliminate the waste.

    is he quite a process-driven colleague?
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I am in week two of making bagel + marmite sandwiches in advance. This Sunday, I made five, put four in the freezer and one in the fridge. Perhaps bagels have a different moisture content to bread but they seem fine when defrosted. I too always disregarded the idea of making 'normal' sandwiches the night before as they would go soggy, but bagels are fine so far. As long as I remember to take one with me in the morning!
  • Freezing is fine for bread (and bagels) and they are more or less as fresh once you've defrosted them, but it's when stored at temperatures just above freezing that you start to get starch degradation and staling, so keeping it in the fridge will make it go stale quicker.

    The warmer the temperature (towards room temperature), the less the staling.

    There is one benefit of keeping bread in the fridge, though, in that it doesn't go mouldy so quickly.... but personally I'd rather chuck it out long before it would go mouldy at room temperature.

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    And a bagel at 25p + marmite is still a damn sight cheaper than the sandwich I was buying in the cafe every day.
  • If a loaf is getting near its use by date I'll pop it in the fridge to extend its life a bit longer, or even in the freezer.

    I do do butties the night before sometimes but the crispness goes out of the veg I find and cucumbers sort of seep their essential fluids into the bread and go a bit floppy.

    There, that was totally f8cking boring!

  • I would eat the 14 day and 3 year sandwiches but I bloody well wouldn't pay £1.49 for it, bad quality need to be cheap.
  • The only things in the freezer compartment of my fridge are some ice packs for when i need to RICE something. 

  • 14 days and 3 years or even a month and freezing them ? are these people real lol
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Passes JB a frozen marmite sandwich image
  • Thanks Cinders just what i needed , lets see how this bad boy tastes lol rock hard haha
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