Outrageous behaviour! Have you ever experienced anything like it?

A warm Tuesday evening and approaching the end of a 23-mile run home from work - a good evening's work nearly done. Lots of people are out and about enjoying a fine summer's evening. Many of the pubs I've passed on route are busy - might get a chance for a Guinness myself later.

Just to the East of Dartford I notice 4 young ladies (I guess aged around 16 or 17) hovering around outside of an off licence. As I go to side step them they notice me and step aside - I give a nod of thanks. After trotting on by I suddenly became aware of giggling and the scampering of feet approaching rapidly from behind. Glanced over my shoulder and before I could increase my pace was suddenly slapped across the left buttock by one of these "young ladies" and simultaneously had my right buttock groped by one of the others. Outrageous! Was so shocked I must have leapt three feet in the air.

Am going back again next week!


  • lucky git.........
  • Graham - what road and what was the offy called - I think I'll go and give it a try.

    Running past it that is, not groping your buttocks!! :-)
  • last time i went to an offy (well, spa for some milk) I got approached by some girls asking me to buy something for them. said no out of surprise, they looked quite young.
  • Got partial revenge - had just pulled out a bottle of sports drink - a good squeeze in their direction and a spurt of "Powerade" sent them scampering.
  • i agree with shortguy... what fun ;-)

    i have had the occasional 'hello'
    and 'shame you're married' (for you maybe i thought)
    and a 'will you go out with my mate'

    it's just what comes from being young, fit, aspirational and sweaty (occasionally muddy too)
  • oh.. and wearing lycra
  • and standing upside down to that must impress them
  • Actually I was wearing Lycra last night. Perhaps that was it or maybe people start behaving strangely after a prolonged spell of warm sunny weather.
  • sunstroke?
  • i've never gone for those feeble running shorts.. i need lycra against my.. err... skin
  • Linford christie in disguise?
  • I think something similar once happened to BBB?
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    On a slightly more serious note, this may be funny for a grown man but could - and has - scared many women runners if the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak.
  • its that whole double standards thing again, they'd have hated it done to them out running (the girls)
  • perhaps we (the gents) should meet up (in lycra) and chase around some girls, just to get a balanced view of these things
  • here here .. should've had a good fondle mate.
  • Actually at the time I was taken very much by suprise (and I fully appreciate the double standards aspect) but it was very funny.
  • Thing is, Chris, you'd be put on a register somewhere...
  • Graham, was it the offy on Thames Road/Burnham Road ?
  • I forgot about the register. Even the excuse of 'I was doing research' won't work...
  • Ignore my last comment, just realised the offy i was thinking of is to the west of Dartford. Geography was never my strong point!!
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    what happened to the school memories thread? did they remove it?!
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  • Graham,

    Personally I think you were asking for it on several levels.
    1. Running around in revealing lycra,on a hot day before impressionable young ladies
    2. Not having the ability to kick run away from them.
    3. running 23 miles in yesterdays heat.
    4. I'm green with envy (over both the fact you can run 23 miles and still get your bum slapped)
  • Hate to be the typical girl, but I was on a run last week and a bunch of teenage lads surronded me on their BMX's and rode along around me for ages. They were fairly forward and after 5mins I was failing to see the funny side. In the end I pushed one of them off their bike and they all laughed so hard I got time to make my get away!!! A funny story, but guess it could have turned nasty. Think your lucky to be a bloke and you dont have to worry about going out running on your own.
  • We did a speed session last night in the local park (6 x lake (6 x 600m (ish) for the serious runners) and had to contend with a bunch of eejits laying branches in our path, jumping out of the bushes armed with branches as we sped past and the general verbal diarrhoea that we usually hear. Some of them even called me by my name!

    I feel sorry for you Tessa, it's sad when you feel that you must run in twos these days. I rarely get abuse when I run on my own, yet if there's two or more of us, we attract them like poo attracts flies! If you lived near me, I'd assist you - if only so I get to chuck kids off bikes, ha ha!
  • BTS - Haven't had my bottom slapped since primary school (Miss Downs - gosh did she have big hands!). As for the so called young ladies I rather get the feeling that their "impressionable" years are now a long way behind them and if they wanted to they could probably impress on us a thing or two.

    I'm feeling rather old all of a sudden - I'm a s*dd*ng veteran runner for goodness sake, my club colleagues are more likely to think of me as being a miserable old git as opposed to some kind of "gigolo". Apart from having my lack of pace so cruelly exposed I shouldn't be having my arse groped and slapped in broad daylight by shameless young women - it's just not on.

    (Itchy, if you're interested - it was beyond the top of the East Hill [what a b*st*rd that was at 18 miles], place called Stone.)
  • He he! I must admit that it did get a certain amount of pleasure from pushing the little tw*t of his bike! (that sounds quite bad, but he really was rude and really deserved it!!) I cant run in pairs, as no one I know runs distance, so have resorted to 0545 runs, as the idjots cant seem to be bothered getting out of bed to annoy me at that time!! Thanks for the offer of help - we could become the mystery "bike pushers" and go on late night sprees!!
    If you run around Birmingham/Sedgley or Wolverhampton - let me know!!!
  • TC & NL - joking aside I'm sure we all get more than our fair share of incidents involving thuggish, threatening and abusive behaviour - one of the hazards whilst out running - shouldn't be I know. I've been spat at, yelled at, had objects thrown at me and have nearly been run over many times. Have learned that unless some-one crosses the line and causes or threatens actual bodily harm is best to ignore and keep on running. No joke being a woman running on your own - I do sympathise. Shouldn't be necessary to make concessions to other's idiotic behaviour but common sense suggests that if necessary you should give a wider berth than they deserve.

  • I agree - good advise. I normally try to do that, but ocassionally become a little bold for my own good!
    Promise not to push any more kids off their bikes. :( !!
  • TC - I'm sure you you didn't mean the little lamb (little sh*t more like) any harm - if it gets to court you could plead self preservation.

    Tend to feel though that if we react to the yobbos in an abusive way we're just stooping to their level - no sense in that. Best to preserve one's own dignity (sticks and stones and all that).

    My last night's incident was actually quite innocent and very funny - me leaping up in the air at the shock of being groped and then chasing them with my squirty drinks bottle (them running off shrieking with laughter), big grins all round. Has given me (and them) something to talk about - subject closed now.

    Hope we all continue to enjoy our running without too many hinderances or adverse experiences - running is difficult enough!
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