Biel 100km

Was wondering if anyone has done this event?
Start 10pm with a 20 hour cut off which makes me suspicious that it might be a really tough course. I don't want tough if it is in the dark and that long!
Just done Davos 78km which really did push me to the limits in terms of the terrain and steep ascents/ descents. No way would I be able to do that in the dark and then add another 22 km


  • Hello hellen

    The 100km from Biel was my first ultra i ever did. Its a very good beginner 100km because its not so steep and to run through the night was acctualy a big plus (heat, "mystical" night)

    Another big benefit is, that it's only a 1x100km loop (most 100km runs have a 2x50km loop or similar). So you run never twice the same path. Not only the run, also the old towns you pass along the way help you a lot to get motivated all night 

    i did so fare around 10 Ultramarathons. Beside a run in Bangkok, it was the best ultra i ever did!

    on the page, you might find some more information and a race report

    Hope i could help you and if you need more information im happy to help you (if you understand my crappy english image)

    happy running

  • Hi Andreas
    Thanks for your reply and your English is fine!
    Are there a lot of hills? And what about the terrain? Is it difficult, with lots of tree routes and things go trip over in the night?
    I did Davos k78 and find that v hard I wouldn't have wanted to do that in the dark!
  • Davos and Biel are 2 complete different runs so don't worry about hillsimageThe highest elevation to run is about 150m.

    The terrain is around 70% ashpalt and 30% Fieldway. There is a path after 55km called the Ho-chi-minh trail, who is a little bit difficult with a few roots over the path. Depends when you get through this path, it could be still dark. But at this time in the year in switzerland, its getting bright around 4.30am

    There is a site who has the complete route-details and also the elevationdetail (just in german but it still could help you and answer alot of your questions)

    You find also a fansite on fb can always ask me image

    PS: i had a bike support who helped me a lot to get through the night.

  • Thank
    I saw the bit about bike support, hubby said he would do it til he saw it was through the night! Now I think he is going to sleep then come out to meet me for the last bit on the bike instead

    Do a lot of people have bike support? Dont all the bikes get in the way??.
  • I had a bike support and it was no problem. The bikes come in after 23 kilometer so the whole field is already stretched out a lot. And in general, there is always enough space for 2 bikes and 2 runners beside each other. It was also a great experience for my bike supporter and would defenetly be for your husband image

  • He origianlly said he would bike then I told him it strted at 10 pm so he changed his mind. I suggested that instead he gets his sleep then cycles out to meet me in the morning! Now he is saying he might do it all after all!!

    Can bikes get water and food from the aid stations? And can they fill up my bottles for me?
  • My supporter didn't had any problem to get food and water at any food stations. Of course runners first but other than that, there is no problem with that.

    To find you in the morning is another possibility, just keep in mind that this is not so easy (because its only a 1x100km loop). If you really considering to do it like this, i can give you later some key points where it is easier to meet the bike support.

  • Did you wear road or trail shoes? And when the bikes have to leave you for that trail at around 55km is it obvious for the bikes where they are to go to meet us?

    I was hoping that if he cycled backwards along the route he would see me or I him!

  • Road shoes are ok because there is no mudd or something.

    The detour for the bikes is signed pretty good for the part where they not allowed.

    I dont know if its allowed to cycle backwards on the track because there are a lot of runners and it could be dangerous. The easiest thing is, to fix a meeting point somewhere, if he dont come with you all night (or you take your cell with you).

    Are you guys coming with a car? Then your husband could just drive always to the next "meeting" point and wait for you.(but driving on the track himself is not allowed!image )

  • hi hellen

    Just wondering, if you are still train for the 100k this year in Biel? If you still interested and search for a place to stay, you and your husband are more than welcome to stay with me and my family (We live around 10k from Biel away but the public transport brings you directly to the starting point image

    Let me know.


  • Anyone else thinking of doing this one? I have a friend out in Zurich who has run a few times, who certainly backs up Andreas' comments about the high standard of this event.

  • If someone not feels ready to do the whole 100k alone, there are also teams of 2 and 5 people possible. (in teams of 2: 44km and 56km).
  • thanks A, think that I am not doing it now, not 100% decided though
  • Hi Andreas

    I am thinking of doing this event.  Would you be so kind as to tell me what sort of support and food/drinks there are around the course.  Is it possible to leave your own food or drink at supported refreshment points along the course, or do you have to carry things?  I cant think who I would persuade to cycle with me overnight>


  • Hello OS,

    You can have a bike support after 22km. If you dont have one, ask over Facebook or on the official guestbook if somebody likes to support you (works most of the time). Like this, the question with the food and drink is already solved.

    BUT: There are food and drink stands all over the race track (every 6-10 km). Here is the plan with all stands and massage points ( )

    And here the 2011 plan about what you get on witch stand (only in german but it should work)

     If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me image

     Happy running

  • Andreas

    Thanks for a great response.  I will very likely run this event.  cheers. 

  • Great! Good Luck already!

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