I've noticed recently that any run I do in excess of 5K leaves me with a really bad headache that usually develops a couple of hours after I finish my run. The headache is focussed at the backs of the eyes/forehead. I do all the usual warm ups and warm downs and make sure I eat properly post run, but the problem persists. Anyone else experience this, or any tips to avoid this annoying post-run effect.


John (H) 



  • Could be all sorts you will probably have to go through a process of elimination:

    Tension in neck/shoulders
    Exercise headache (yes the do exist - exercise is bad for you!!)

    I get similar, is related to my neck though and on sunny days i get them where you describe but its cos i've been squinting

  • I try and run in sunglasses if even a bit bright, helps a bit but I also find that if I get too hot even if I have had loads of fluid I still get a headache. I just try to be reasonable with myself and not overdo it if its hot. You will have to just find what triggers yours, good luck
  • I also seem to be getting headaches a few hours after a run lately - I'd put it down to the heat too even though I'm not running in middle of day. I thought it might be dehydration but I always drink plenty pre and post run. My pace and energy levels seem lower than normal too but hoping when it turns cooler this will improve. Sorry John but no idea how to avoid the headaches either. 
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