marathon in 10 weeks but today i broke my elbow

Today I fell and broke my elbow and am so gutted. My marathon training has been going really well up to 13 miles. Can't run at least for a few weeks and need go know any ideas of what I can do instead to perhaps have a chance of reaching the start line or whether I should just give up trying now?


  • Hi anna,

    Aw, thats so disappointing for you.....curious to know why you can't run though - is it cos of the pain, a heavy cast etc?? Forgive me if thats a really stupid question, but my excuse can be 'i'm only a newbie'.

    Came back to edit and say that i really hope someone can give you positive advice that would allow you to complete your marathon - there are loads of experienced runners on the forums, so hopefully they will...i wish you lots of luck.....image

  • Is it in a cast or pinned and in a sling?

    A cast can be heavy and literally alter your stride.

    If its in a sling that can do the same too.

    As your probably aware you need your arms to swing free to create tempo and maintain cadence and drive for want of a better word. 

    After the few weeks are over see how you fair. Start with slow easy recovery jogs a good minute slower than your easy run pace. See how it goes. If you find that your favouring one side or the other you may have to think seriously about knocking it on the head. A marathon is a long way to run if your slowly leaning to one or other side. You need your mechanics to be near perfect.

    Remember you have not wasted that training.

    Your maybe just not cashing in the cheque this time

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