Nike + Advice

Can anyone advise me please???

Recently switched to Nike plodding shoes.

Don't own an ipod & don't want one.

Can I still use the + facility without an ipod?

Is so which bit of + kit do need to purchase?


  • One of them SportBand deelies.. Not sure I'd bother though, I never found them that accurate, my stride length varies too much..
  • Agree. I had a sportband and it was rubbish. A Nike+ shoe is just a shoe with a hole in the bottom for the chip which is basically a pedometer.
  • Sportsband is what you're after- you don't need an ipod to use it.  I agree with the above thought.  I didn't find it accurate.  It's ok when you first start out but I very quickly moved on to a garmin. 

  • 1. There is the Nike+ sport band which if you're starting out is accurate enough and easy to use. It's a good starting point. Only costs about £30.

    2. The shoe pod also works with the Nike Sportswatch GPS, which is excellent. However, it costs £180.

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