What Do you Train in?

I've always tracked my distances in miles on my Garmin nd since this is my first year of triathlons I've noticed that alot of the events are displayed in km.

 what do you train in?

 Should I change to km?

 I know it wont hurt me if I carry on training in miles but surely some bennifit changing to km?


  • Imperial all the way, although I am a big fan of metric as you have the satisfaction of moving 1.609344 quicker, numerically.

  • On a hike in Costa Rica once some americans were very impressed how quicky I could convert miles into kilometers and back again. Are you a scientist they asked. No I'm a runner. image
  • My Garmin measures miles but autolaps every km.  No particular reason though.  I never use it in races anyway.  No need to change unless you rely on distance markers in races, which you shouldn't do since they're about as accurate as I am at darts after a few pints of Erdinger.
  • I work in km despite having been taught in imperial (I am getting on a bit)

    I don't "get" that people who are taught in metric, and live in a metric world (bar pints & miles) work in imperial units. where's the rationale??

    as it happens I'm like NLR and can swap between the 2 easily enough but prefer the simplicity of metric.

    and all tri events are based in metric 'cos quite simply it's the ITU as an international org who call the shots, and the BTF follow
  • I'm guessing that we were brought up as imperial was on the way out and metric coming in. My mum still looks at the weather forecast and sees 28c sunny and says "whats that in farenheit?" Why? image
  • Outlaw had mile markers on the run (well, 5 mile markers to be exact).  Mind you, on an IM run they could use miles, km, furlongs, perches or whatever, as long as it gives a vague idea of how far through and breaks it into manageable chunks I don't really care.

    I've never really understood the logic of a 10km race that has mile markers, to be honest.

  • Miles on the road, km on the treadmill image
  • shorts. Oh, um miles, running and cycling and km (ha, by that read meters) or just time covered in the pool. I can reasonably quickly and easily convert km to miles and back, well until i get tired then i can't anymore. I don't think there's a benefit to it otehr than i like to run in miles because it is what i'm used to, except for racing 5k and 10k i see distances as miles. I can't do yards though, i think they are about 10%shorter than a meter, but i'm not certain...
  • NLR - imperial still firmly ruled the roost when I was at school, as did avoirdupois for weight, and LSD for money. screws, nuts and bolts were Whitworth ffs (never understood that but then I'm not a mechanic)

    when I was a kid, many sweets were 4 for a 1d, jubblies were 4d, a big bag of chips was a tanner (6d) and beer was 1s 6d a pint (that's 7.5p for the kids btw) when I started drinking at 15.

    decimal is so much easier than fractions

    I have to say I still drink in pints though.... image
  • fat buddha wrote (see)

    I have to say I still drink in pints though....  image
    Not gallons any more ?  image
  • Half a crown was a fortune, "big" toys were 19/11 and FB is younger than he says cos I remember sweets at 8 for a 1d;O)

    As for training, usually miles but I am moving over to km. Mainly coz I only understand bike climbing in metres and it seems silly to do the distance in miles and garmin doesn't do both at the same time.

    Though more often than not, how much it hurts and where the cheeseburgers are. The words of a lazy trainer!
  • KM all the way for me, just makes everything sound further, 10 mile run or 16 km run?
  • "Not gallons any more ?"

    only when I get to 8 - and that's into falling over territory these days.......... image
  • I'm a miles man.
  • There was a thing on the telly about magic numbers which scientist recognise straight away. It's the same with runners. 6'52 = min per mile for 3 hour marathon. 6'25= min per mile for 40 minute 10k.

  • Minutes and hours....
  • North London Runner wrote (see)
    On a hike in Costa Rica once some americans were very impressed how quicky I could convert miles into kilometers and back again. Are you a scientist they asked. No I'm a runner. image
    So true NLR...it throws people at work when i instantly convert miles>km or vice versa.....it is a runner thingimage....but i train in miles....
  • Some things are always measured in inchesimage
  • really NLR? educate me..image do you mean the width of the start line to make sure there is enough space for everyone?

  • I use both as I lived in Spain so everything was in KM over there.  I usually work in Miles now to allow people at my club to understand me!

    My wife (Spanish) has to convert to pesatas when the cost of something gets high.  Houses are discussed in old money as they say!

  • You say pasata I say peseta
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