Lancaster Castle Marathon

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wow a marathon in lancaster so might do it and I guess it is flat


  • Hmmm, interesting! Any pedigree, organisation wise? Or an exciting new innovation? By the way, the RW link doesn't work - too many "s"s in Paul
  • From my experience of the organisers - they are brilliant at organising races - however the race I did of theirs was short (according to me and every other person I spoke to after the race). If they got the length right, they are just about the best I have encountered.
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    its the same people that put all the lancaster races on and I for 1 are going to enter
  • Is there an official Website to enter online?
  • I have entered this race, as I like to do new events, but I am finding it difficult to get any info. There is no website as such. Two emails to the person whose name appears as contact have failed to elicit a reply and I get only a recorded message on that person's mobile. I know there is quite a time yet to go but I like to get accommodation fixed up well in advance that is close to the Start /Finish but even that information is unavailable. I don't know Lancaster so have no idea whether suitable accommodation is plentiful.

    Has anyone else entered this one?  Can they help me?
  • Used to work there Peter.

    Castle is centre of town and next to railway station if start / finish is near to castle.

    There are hotels town centre but don't know if want that or just B&B.

    If it was me I would stay in Morecambe plenty cheap B&B and get public transport into Lancaster on race day. Its only a couple of miles.

  • Thanks Muggle. Very helpful. I would have thought the Castle marked the Start or Finish. But who knows?
  • I would do this if it wasn't so close/in summer.

    26.2 miles in the heat would kill me off

  • around Midsummers Day will at least give you plenty of daylight hours to complete...;0)

  • im in, need a good 8 hours of daylight to holl my fat azzz round it.
  • Flat? Did someone say flat? I wouldn't say it's flat in my experience as a student there, but being a second third home for me, it would be nice to complete a marathon in one of my Meccas.

  • has anyone found any more info on this as i've entered but know bugger all about it!
  • Well I'm officially in for this one. My new local marathon being about 10 miles away from Lancaster! Some more details other than 'it's a marathon' and 'it's probably at lancaster castle' would be helpful though!
  • would guess it runs along the riverside as do the other races but good luck in it

    I will be doing Torbay half
  • very interested in this but there is next to no details (route maps, elevations, water stations etc) on the Shoestrings site - anybody got any ideas?


  • Is there any info on the route? Surely can't be flat? Will definitely do it but nice to get more info?
  • A couple of points that I have noticed on the event website at Shoestring Results:

    Firstly, the web site stares "Certified Accurate". This is not the case. I have not received a measurement report for this event, so I have not issued a measurement certificate.

    A UK Athletics Licence has not been applied for at this stage.

    Whilst there is still time for both of these important issues to be put in place, I believe I have a responsibility to let you know.

    Brian Porter MSc
    Course Measurement Secretary
    North of England
    Registered Road Race Measurer Grade 1
    UKA Endurance official Level 2C

  • This race has been measured and paper work is on the way to Brian Porter MSc ,
    Billy has asked me to thank Brian (MSc)for bringing this to our attention.

    As far as your "responsibility to let people know" I would have thought you would have checked with the organizer of the race what was going on.

    Once again Brian thank you

    If you would like to ring Bill Gardner, Brian (MSc) I'm know he will be only to willing help you
  • maybe if he updated the website he wouldnt need to speak to everyone! i am 1 of those people entered and im getting worried about the lack of organisation already.
  • The course has been measured came as news to the measurer when I asked him.

    It is also the responsibility of a web site owner to ensure the accuracy of information provided therein.

    Stephen. The title of MSc was hard-earned and I would thank you not to take the piss!!!
  • And when I got your e mail we promptly did what you asked Mr Porter
    but have you contacted the organiser

    Anyway I know that by the time get to the day all these things will be sorted and will be a good event

    Lets all calm down and have a Jogging Good New Year!

  • yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i'll be there. at the back
  • What will the route be?
    Will it be flat?
  • I' was born and grew up in Lancaster and would very much like to run a marathon in my home town. But a lack of useful event/course info and some frankly unnecessary and disrespectful sarcasm has prompted me to enter the Cheltenham Circular Challenge on the same day - an event I can very much recommend having previously run it twice.
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    on the same day I will be doing Torbay Half marathon as part of my holiday in Devon
  • Does anyone have anymore information on this? Course link etc?
  • Social Media is not the answer to everything but search for the Lancaster Castle Marathon on facebook for course updates, course videos and photos or email

  • Thanks gunner, i will take a look
  • Hi Paul,

    Sorry if that came over a bit off, i was just writing it on the thread rather than in response to your post! There is a artistic map and a Gmap now on Facebook. We will soon be posting photos and videos from around the course.

    However, the Gmap takes in bridleways and cyclepaths so it is purely for use of knowing the route rather than exact spots for mile markers.

  • Hi gunner,

     No thanks for the information. I have took a look on facebook and found the artistic map. I have done the half a few times so recognise most of that course.

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