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  • For anyone who hasn't taken a peek......on facebook search for Lancaster Castle Marathon and keep up to date with maps, hopefully very soon course videos and hopefully some inspiration to make it around the 26.2miles!
  • I've entered this rase as I wanted to run a marathon on my birthday, but I still cant find any information about it. Has anyone found any, especially the route!
  • Hi all,

    Sadly I am old fashioned and not into Facebook, but I have managed to work out this forum. If there is anyone out there who has read about the race profile then please let us technophobes know. Is it flat, undulating, hilly or all of the above ?

    Many thanks

    Sky racer
  • no mention of the course profile on the facebook page ;-(
  • I want to enter this race but i need to know the course profile can the organisers please let me know asap thank you.
  • Face book says the following today if that helps anyone;

    BREAKING NEWS! The race organiser has been with the police all morning!! However, it was only to have a ride along around the course! Final thumbs up from the police! They said it is a bit H***Y....any clean guesses?!

    I was hoping to enter in order to try for a 'Good for Age' time - for LVM next year (this is one of the last marathons before the deadline). So currently umming and arring.

    More details on the course would be fabimage

  • I have entered after running a nightmare at Manchester. I was looking for 3.15 (good for age). Lucy I found some photos of the course on facebook.
  • This may help you a little - A good section from what i can see is the same as the Half marathon.

     Hope this works, this is the half marathon i ran in Novemeber 2011

     There was also a map on facebook but cannot find it

  • 2 threads for this in.
  • G of the bang I too will probably do Lancaster in my attempts to exorcise the nightmare that was Manchester.   I did the HM course in Lancaster last year and it is pretty flat.  

  • Thanks guys. This is sounding promising. If training goes well I'm there, if not might do Jolster Norway on 7th July.
  • is the course flat


  • Not at all flat I'm afraid; they posted the course profile on the facebook page today and it's pretty shocking if you're looking for a fast course lol.

  • not bothered bout fast it my first marathon so wanna start with flatish course first cn you recomend any dhale750

  • Kielder.
  • Preston guild 28th October

  • I was hoping this wasn't going to be as hilly as Windermere, but the course profile is a little bit more intense. No PB for me I guess, that hill at mile 18 looks woeful.

  • I don't give a fig waht the course is...just that can I E.O.D as I'm skint just now and NEED a long run
  • Ultra Dunc, the aplication form can be found at:

    It  does say postal entries close 24/05/12, however there is a name and number you could ring for more info:

    W. Gardner, 58 Sibsey Street, Lancaster, LA1 5DF. Telephone: 01524 60537.

    If you don't mind hills try: Lakeland trails marathon at Coniston 1st July or Great trail challenge at Keswick next Sunday.

  • Has the course been measured yet?

  • does anyone know where the castle went? i think the must have bulldozed it cause i only seen moor and back roads?
  • I thought it was a good one. Scenic route, though quite tough.

    Done a few of Billy's races & he always looks after the slower runners just as much as the fast ones....image

    Marathon number 22 for me. 

  • Is this on again this year?same weekend you think?cant see listed, thanks

  • Sunday 30th June 2013


  • Entries also being taken by  (no additional card fee payable)

  • I would def do this one again, but it clashes with a big 2 day ultra. Always a pleasure to do a race organised by Billy & Mark. image Hope to see you at Lancaster half again.

    Forgive my shameless plugging of my brand new charity page. Did a year of 20 marathons & 7 ultras for a soldier's charity, & now excited about running for a children's hospice. Completely loving having discovered ultras....Some amazing people! If you can do the hilly Lancaster marathon, you can do an ultra! Never dreamed I would win a race, but won an ultra 70 miler in July....Need to win it again, as that really boosted the sponsorship money. image 

    Planning 40 marathons & ultras in 2013, for Francis House Children's Hospice, Manchester.



  • i only just spotted this now, i dont get onto the RW forcum as much as i'd like! last years marathon took some doing and we're looking into improving it the best we can and we are really looking forward to the 2013 event!

    both ron & steve do an brilliant job with the online entries and highly recommend either when entering any of the lancaster race series online!

    no need for forgiveness ria! we wish you all the luck with your quest and you achive your 2013 goals for both sponsorship and retaining your ultra title!


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