Garmin forerunner 305 - "USB device not recognised"

Just started getting this message. Is there any easy way to resolve it? The most successful seems to get a new cable...


  • It may be that your laptop/PC does not have the relevant drivers.

    Have you installed any software that may contain the drivers?

    Alternatively pop into the Garmin 305 Forum and see if there is any helpful advice in there

  • You tried to disconnect your device from your computer and restart the machine then try again? or alternative;y reinstall USB drivers.  I'd say it's unlikely to be the cable itself.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Is the problem with the Garmin or the computer's USB ports?

    That is, do other USB devices work when plugged in? If they don't, look in Device Manager and check for little yellow exclamation marks. You might need to reinstall the computer's USB drivers or might have a hardware fault.

    If other devices do work the problem could be with the Garmin. Start by going to Garmin's website and downloading the Communicator plugin, which enables the 305 to talk to the computer.

  • Richard - have tried it several times over the last few days, but no joy.

    Muttley - Other USB devices are working fine, and the Garmin has been ok for a year. I always connect it to the same pc, and never had this problem until now.

    I have updated the drivers, and dl'd the Communicator, but still have the problem.

    Will check out the Garmin 305 forum
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Oh well. That's what sorted it for me when I had a similar issue recently.

    Only other thing I can suggest is trying the 305 on another computer to see if the problem lies with the 305 or your usual computer.

    Good luck anyway!

  • This happened to mine a couple of weeks ago. I had a spare USB cable which fixed it. Not sure why the cables are failing but it seems to be quite a common problem.
  • Donna - I've seen that with other Garmin devices, which is why I posted it in my first message. Bloody annoying!
  • I have cleaned both ends of the USB cable. I have cleaned the contacts on the cradle and on the back of the 305.
    I have tried to reinstall the Training Center software, and the first part of that is it asks you to switch the Garmin on and connect it up.
    A message about installing the drivers came up, and then it said it couldn't install the drivers.
    I go to Device Manager and there is a Garmin Devices category with a yellow exclamation mark next to Garmin USB GPS. I right click that and try to update the drivers but it tells me the drivers are up to date. When I try to update the drivers from the CD it tells me the best driver is installed.
    When I look at the properties I get a message about the device not being able to start.

    Will try it on the laptop later. Where can I get a new cable from?!
  • Well, I've got it installed on my laptop so at least it is working. Not sure what to do about the files on the laptop, I guess I can transfer them somehow.

    Next thing to try is to de-install it from the other machine and then see if I can reinstall it.
  • Update - tried it on the laptop tonight, and got the USB not found message again. I think the Garmin was still locating satellites when I first connected it; when I tried it in a different USB port a few minutes later it worked first time.
  • Hi guys

     I used my forerunner 110 for the first time yesterday (great piece of kit by the way) and I'm unable to upload my workout for the exact same reason as the o.p. I have updated the USB drives and tried various troubleshooting suggestions, but I'm having no joy at all. The same message pops up, "USB device not recognised"

     Very frustrating as I was looking forward to reviewing my run (one of the reasons I bought a forerunner). Can anybody offer any other solutions which haven't been mentioned above?

     ps sorry for the thread "hi-jack" Dave, but it seemed pointless starting a new thread on the same topic. Glad you've got it sorted, there is hope for me yet!

  • Hi guys I have same problem with USB on my garmin 305, but after few days everything back to normal! I dont know how and why but it works. I can recommend you to try USB on another computer. Also I find very good information about Garmin on this site Garmin 305 Review
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