wannabe ultra runner?

after running for 2 years im really keen to get into the wonderful world of ultra running. have heard so many lovely and great things about the groups that do these distances and wondered how many others would like  a 'newbie ultra' thread...

..im wanting to do JW ultra next year and have been looking at the Gloucester 50k...anyone else starting out in 'ultra world' and have a goal or ultra in their diary already?.......anyone experiencing mind boggling training and problems fitting in time to do it? im sure this will be one of my main problems.......

hands up who has done their first ultra and loved it-share  it pleaseimage



  • I am about to undertake my seventh ultra, but you never forget the first. 

    The feeling of fulfilment on finishing your first is proportional to the challenge involved.  You know that you have done something that relatively few runners in the U.K have done.  You just don't get that sense of satisfaction from running a half marathon.  

    Also you will never find a friendlier more inclusive group of people to run with.  The nature of ultras and the pace they are run at makes them much more social events. 

    Be forewarned however that they are very addictive.  Once you have done one you will almost certainly want to do another!

  • Hey,

    Im looking at running an ultra and need to start training any ideas
  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    I"m going to dive in at the deep end and do Comrades next year
  • JG.. this is one id like to do too...maybe not for a first ultra though...image.....heat+distance=tricky!lol

    ben, i know once ive done one i will be doing another, i have that sort of addictive natureimage....and yes ive heard that the groups are very sociable and close knitimage

  • what distances have you done so far JG?

    JB74...still up for JW ultra?image

  • Hi all image

    I did the Lightning Run as a soloist this year and am signed up for the Thames Path 100 next March.

    I'd like to do JW as it's local to me.
  • Just thinking about a 33mile race at Glen Ogle, which is being run this year for the first time. It's 5 weeks after Loch NEss marathon, which I'm doing as my 6th marathon. I don't know whether this is sensible, but I'm tempted. Can I alter my last 8 weeks marathon training to push towards the longer distance in november?- I'm already doing bigger mileage than I've ever done before, but by most folks standards, it's not much (30-35 miles per week).

    Does anyone know of any traiing plans for 33mie ultras? Just so I can get an idea what's recommended for LSR distance.

  • hi tricialitt, beacause i was thining of doung the Gloucester 50k i downloaded a female 50k ultra training plan yesterday...go to ''ultra ladies running club trail  50k event training schedule''- this has a table of weekly mileage and runs-doesnt look too scary until week 15!!image
  • <a title="ultra ladies running club trail 50k event training schedule" target="_blank">ultra ladies running club trail 50k event training schedule</a>.........not sure if this linky thing will workimage
  • .....erm , no-lol..but if you type that into google ,it should find itimage
  • Thanks- got it- looks like my marathon fits in nicely as a long trainig run- I'd need to go slower than planned for it, and just not really taper for it, and the thing looks do- able.

    Ho hum..............how to break it to the other half?

  • Helloooooooooooooo Loula...................

    You really have got me tempted now but not for The 50k in January but maybe after my next mara. Will have a look at the training plan you mentioned....

    Have all the ultra races got a time limit ??? Its the only thing puttin me off ....wouldn't like to go all that way for it not be recognised......LOL Suppose the challenge would be for me to get faster.....then I wouldn't need to worry about not meeting the cut off......

  • well the Gloucester one has..image but i dont think JW has a cut off...i think on the results for Gloucester someone finished in 5:20..so does that mean no medal? as Ben said i thought the emphasis was on finishing, not just ontime goals....?

  • I agree  it should be about finishing but I have read articles where people don't get a medal if they don't finish in the required time.image
  • hmm, thats a bit of a stinker , because people get a medal at london no matter what time they clock inimage....there is an article i kept from a  sunday magazine earlier in the year and i found it so inspirational...it was heart stopping..about the spartathalon .meant to be  the hardest ultra on earth, worse than des sables....hre is the link for anyone interested: its by a reporter called 'Robin Harvie' the article is called 'distance no object' and it was featured in the Telegraph magazine...the race is 152miles ..time limit..36hours....

  • if you type into google bar' robin harvie distance no object article' it will appearimage

  • Hi Loula image

    Mmmm, I'm so very, very tempted... but am waiting to see how my marathon goes in October. And then I'm kind of stuck on the IM tri next year. Can't really see beyond that at the moment.

    Can anyone tell me how long it takes to recover from an Ultra? And do folk run the whole way. Or do a run/walk combination?

    Really do like the idea of Hadrians wall.... 

    Oh, so much to do... and if I plan one big event each year it's going to take me a long time to do all these fun things! image

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    Loulabell so far just done marathons, target in Amsterdam is 3:15. I may only have one ultra in me so thought I'd go for a big one!
  • chili, the guy who did spartathalon said he slept 13hrs a day for 3month aferwards!!!! sounds fine to me!! lol

    ....JG, criey 3:15 for a mara...think i'll be nearer 4:30hr..image

    ..and i think once you have done one ultra its onwards and upwards......

  • Right-I've managed the most difficult bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-told my other half!

    Also getting back to the running after my cold -11miles home from work, felt fine. If I can work up to manage there and back the same day, that would be a help, I reckon.

  • Howdee All,

    Yes Loula im still up for doing the jw ultra and yes i will look into doing the Glos Ultra least it will be cold so even more of an incentive to get done in a quick time haha 

  • ive only been running 7 months,have done a 5k in july doing the jedburgh 10k in october,not the fastest bunny in the warren,but im getting there.so imagine my suprise when i was reading through a running magazine and i saw an ad for The Wall ultra,which is dues to take place in june,and a little voice in my head said "i want to do that" sooo told the boyf,who is fully behind me all the way,so now i guess i just have to get fit enough to run/walk the first stage of 31 miles then  the second which is 34 miles(i think) now what im wondering is 1 is there anyone else out there who is mad enough to take this on? and 2 how in the heck do i go about training for it,i want to finish,the only person i want to beat is myself,im not looking for a world record,or even a PB.any advice on books i could read? sites that have training advice that will suit me? or are there any ultra runners here who can kindly pass on their tips and experience imageimage
  • ..hi shona...taking on an ultra after doing a 5k and a 10k in oct is quite a big leap-and 'the wall 'at that!...if you really are determined to go for it i would really suggest seeing how you go with the 10k..then adopt a half marathon training plan and build up to doing 13mile runs at a weekend so it becomes a normal run..after that increase your runs slowly...ie stick to 13 miles for 3/4 weeks then increase to 14 for 3  weeks etc..until you do it you dont know how your body will handle it..i think most of us on here are at least on 13miles for a weekend run.

    download an ultra training plan designed for females which i posted on the previous page here.....at the moment you may not rely upon fuel/hydration in training , but that is something that has to be looked at as you go further and further....the tank basically runs out at 18miles...and not all the same fuels/foods work for us all....image

  • ...btw..i am by no means an expert on any of this and im sure the others on here who have done an ultra will have better advice than i...these are just things ive listened to/been told/advice ive read...lol ...im willing to learn and absorb any info i get!! image

    JB..i think Gloucester would be great, just a tad sceptical about getting the training in in winter time....mind you there is INDOOR training/excercise to be done....image

  • Hey-lo

    I'm trying to weigh up whether to step up to ultras after a few marathons, or conquer my crappy swimming and move in to triathlons...

    Each time I think I have decided, I change my mind!

    Btw - if the long distance tri peeps have pirates, what do regular ultras get? Can they get their own group recognition - like cowboys? or ... or something better I can't think of?


  • hi BB...i think ultra runners are just that...a small collective...lolimage...maybe we should make up a goup name though if there isnt one...good idea....

  • maybe ultra runners could be known as' Duracells'... because we just keep on going......lol
  • Been lurking on this thread for a bit - something in the back of my mind suggests I quite fancy a crack at an ultra some time. Problem is, although I reckon I could deal with the cv side of things, biomechanically I'm a bit lopsided, so longer distances tend to lead to injuries. But you never know...
    Loulabell - how does an ultra training plan for women differ from one for men? I'm intrigued - I don't think I've ever seen a female-specific marathon training plan (maybe I've led a sheltered life) - is it something to do with different fat burning rates?
  • not sure...the one i found was designed for women in some way..maybe spread over a longer period of time?..*goes off to google men v women ultra plansimage*
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