Album of the moment

Toss up between Royksopp - Melody AM, and Coldplay - Rush of blood to the head. Both top albums.


  • Royksopp - got to be good - what about the Doves - last Broadcast - soem top tunes in there too
  • Zero-7 Simple things is continually on my CD player at the moment
  • I agree Royksopp's great! Also Neil Diamond (JOKE)

    Tempted by Ms. Dynamitee hee
  • Yes, Royksopp are good. However, I saw them support Basment Jaxx last year at Broxton Academy and they were total sh1t!
  • Pick of the pops for me at the moment is "Snow" by Spock's Beard (honestly! Look it up on Amazon - buy the triple box set version) for relaxing at home and Lambretta (eponymous) for the car.
  • Best live gig- Chemical Brothers or The beta Band
  • Bowie's latest offering is amazing, just keeps growing on me.

    Also red Hot Chilly Peppers.

  • I still think the Strokes is the best new offering of the last few months. Not particularly original, I'm told, but then I'm too young to remember the Ramones.
  • I bought the new Coldplay a couple of days ago and can't really tell the difference between the new one and the old one. Like Moby 18. Good for what it is, but not much of a progression.
  • The Beta Band are very good, I can't see what the fuss is about the Strokes (and the White Stripes for that matter) but I have never really rated the yanks for that style of music apart from Cake.
  • I quite the Hives and the Strokes, but really there's been nothing since the demise of the Smiths. Ah, those heady days!
  • Oh my god I have never heard of half the bands your writing about - Do I live on another planet during waking hours - maybe I just need to get a life and get out more
  • LT - you're not alone! I haven't heard of ANY of that lot! But in my defense, I have noticed that the British charts don't usually bear any resemblance to the German charts, probably the bands that are popular here are unknown in Britain.

  • Anything by, you've guessed it......Little Feat!
  • Oh dear - my habit of not buying anything until ages after it's come out would seem to automatically disqualify me from being able to participate in this thread.....
    In the last 18 months or so, the only "new" album I've bought has been Amnesiac (Radiohead) - some 2-3 months after it came out.
  • The last and latest thing I bought was "Len Parrotts Memorial Lift", the first album by Baxter Dury (son of the late Ian Dury).

    He Sounds nothing like his dad ... but an interesting listen !

    Other than that it would have to be something by the god of music himself - David Byrne !
  • Just bought a Blondie compilation. great to run to. Loud and beaty.
  • Ah, Royksopp - I was in Norway last year when their CD came out. Only like the first son though.

    I've become really bored with regular 'popular' music, so now go with classical and other interesting stuff. Does this mean I'm turning into an old fogey? Help!
  • I know i'm a bit out of date but i have never liked anything better than Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrissette. I have seen her at Wembly and she was fantastic.
    Isn't it ironic...
  • Hildy
    Yes it does, but don't worry, I'll get the forumites to come up with a range of music for you to listen to to become a teenager again.

    Watch for a thread on Monday or Tuesday.

    Panic not fair Hildy.You can rely on us.
  • Most recent albums for me are the Ben Kweller, Pete Yorn and Reindeer Section albums.

    Strokes, Doves, Electric Soft Parade and White Stripes also top albums.

    and of course the wonderful Hives.
  • Actually, HAL, you are losing me as well.
  • Agree about Coldplay. Album 2 just like album 1. Didn't that happen a few years ago with the Cranberries?

    White Stripes 'White Blood Vessels' is fun. Great opening riff and quite an Alladin Sane feel about bits of it. I suspect it will fade into transatlantic mush when the novelty wears off. Good for the minidisk at the mo' tho'.

  • Cranberries in the same sentence as Coldplay.

    Shame on you!
  • I forgot to mention David Hasselhoff!
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