I've not been here for AAAAAAGES but I'm about to start some serious shambling again so I just thought I'd pop in and say....."Hi"!



  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭

    Hi to you too.

    The Darkside? Ahh, they did away with all that sort of stuff. Redeveloped it, they did. Something had to go to make room for all the Garmin & MP3 player threads.

    Even nostalgia isn't what it was.

    welcome back and happy running.

  • They got rid of The Darkside image

  • What is/was the Darkside??
  • Hello, by the way image
  • I'm sure it's around somewhere Shambler, just got to dig it out.  Welcome back by the way image
  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭

    wasn't the darkside the original "Cazzed" thread?

    As the old saying has it, "If you can remember it, you weren't there"

  • I don't remember it. I don't think I was there... but maybe I was?! image

  • Hi Shambler

     I was a regular on the Darkside once long ago....  Sometimes I pop back to see if anybody is still around but sadly most of them don't seem to be.  It was fun while it lasted wasn't it?!  

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  • Shombleurgh!!  image
  • Ah The good old DS.. I remember it well  ( I think), Many a happy afternoon sat on the Darkside sofa eating pringles and shooting jumped up newcommers with the DS Uzi.....

    .... Karen and D2D wouldn't have lasted half as long when the DS was up and running..

    .... Now where have I left my Zimmer frame ?

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    In your caravan?
  • Lo Shombleur mon cherie x

    Minky killed the DS and defected to the east image

  • bon giornio Shombleur.......good to see you digging the tea tray out again.....mwah! aaaand Phoenix - how do? long time no see

    but sadly the DS has gorn the way of most of the participants - ventured off to pastures new, new job, new lives, other things in lives etc....

  • I suppose it's the way these things go, as you say Fat Buddha. 

    I've gone back to school (Reading University) and about once a fortnight I run the route we all did to Mapledurham and back on one of our first socials.  Do you remember?  It was years ago!   Running that route sometimes reminds of all the Darksiders though and all the silliness.  

  • Bloody hell..... look what the cat has dragged in
  • Phoenix - yep - I remember that Reading social. Ratbag letching over Spans' arse for starters; and then I tripped on the run and ended up with a lovely bloody knee....

    Plum was still old though in those days.....

    TwoDogs and mmmmTwinkler are out in Canada at the mo busting their arses doing the Transrockies mountain bike race....

    there's still a few old DS'ers around posting on t'forum but I do miss the DS days - they were fun.....

    hey ho - tempus fugit
  • Alot of old names on there FB, but alot still hanging around too!
  • Redhead wrote (see)
    Could you lot please control your badger.  He's plucking his lute on our sofa and it's most distracting for the old folks image)
    You couldn't make it up could you ?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Hi Shambler!  How the hell are you?

    Didn't often venture into the Darkside myself (it was mostly an evening thang, and I only posted in the daytime) but I certainly remember it.

    Just realised that I started posting on here (well, the forum before the forum before the forum before this one) almost 10 years ago.........................

  • I remember your bloody knee FB.  I remember overindulging on the beer at the pub afterwards and the train journey home was a bit of a blur!  image

    Thanks for the link to the old DS.  I've spent much too long reading through and laughing.  God knows how I managed any work at the time because there was so much banter going on I barely left my computer!  

     TransRockies, eh?  That sounds amazing.  I've done the TransWales......  doesn't sound quite so adventurous and hard though does it? 

     Nessie I must have started posting around a similar time.  Scary huh?  

  • I was having a good giggle earlier at the DS - as you say, how did we manage to work as well??

    10p was bloody funny but he could be a bit odd - both here and in real life. he just disappeared from view after dropping out of a walking holiday with Jon - not seen hide or hair of him since. bizarre. and Jon has recently moved to Germany to be with his long time g/f - he finally managed to get out of the HoP when offered redundancy (with a good wodge to smooth his way)

    the Transrockies is like TransWales on steroids. they did it 2 years ago in awful weather so are hoping for kinder conditions this time. good luck to them.

    I have Ironman Wales coming up in September - number 5 IM - and then that's it. this old body is feeling it's age now

    what are you studying? and doing much on the bike or run these days?
  • Your 5th Ironman!!  I'm suitably impressed.  Wow!  Puts my couple of marathons this year into perspective!  That must take an unbelievable amount of training. 

    I'm still running and have done several 20+ mile events this year, all off road.  I'm considering doing an ultra marathon next year but I'll build up slowly just in case my poor old body can't take it!  As for the cycling, I rarely get out more than once a week since I started university because I commute to Reading from the New Forest, which takes up 4 hours a day in term time.  Crazy I know, but I wouldn't want to live in Reading!  (Sorry Reading).  Running is easier to keep up because you can run anywhere, if you see what I mean, and it's easy to cart your kit about. 

    I'm studying habitat management and conservation, with the hope of getting a job at the end of it all of course.  It's a major career change. 

     DickDastardly is getting into duathlons and triathlons now.  He qualified for the European Duathlon Champs in April and the Worlds, which is in September. 

  • 4 hours commute?? ferking hell - madness! but good luck with it - sounds like a great subject that has some relevance in this stupid modern world where we neglect the natural resource around us.

    IM is bloody hard work with all the training - that workload makes the event seem "easy". this week, I've done a 95mile bike, two runs - 1 of 2hrs, 2 short rides, I'll bike turbo tonight and try to fit a sea swim in sometime before another long bike on Saturday. but only 4 weeks to race day, so it's heavy load time.

    and good stuff with DD and his ambitions. my missus, Petal, is GB age group champ at standard distance tri (won this year at Dambuster) and has done 2 World Champs with the GB team.

    and to think - I only signed up to this forum as I was training for my 1st marathon in 2003. and that was only a one-off marathon. AS IF!!!

    20 marathons (including 3 ultras, one of 45 miles off road in the Beacons) and 4 completed IM later - I'm still frigging here. but I wouldn't change a thing as we've met some great friends through this place and have seen and done a lot.
  • Sounds as though I'm lagging behind you in the marathon stakes FB.  I'm really looking forward to getting into ultras - although I might not think that half way through one!    Congrats to Petal too.  DD came 3rd in his age group in the European Duathlon Champs but was disqualified for not wearing his timing chip (The officials didn't give it to him until the transition between the first run and the bike - but then disqualified him even though it was their fault he didn't have it.  He wore it for the rest of the race.  It was a total farce.)   Let's hope for better in the World Champs! 

    Haven't you got some godawful swim to do out round an island a couple of times in the Ironman in Wales?  I've only just got into open water swimming this year and am a total wimp - acting like some novice swimmer!  It'll come.... 

    btw, I think we've hijacked the thread..... 

  • you could be right there P! where's that bloody Shambler - she started this.......

    and no we don't have to swim around the island in Tenby Bay - it's a triangular course marked with buoys that we do twice.

    TwoDogs has just posted on his FB page from the TransRockies - "'s grey and damp and slightly rainy here...and cold. today is rumoured to be one of the hardest...the mud won't help!". I think he's having fun.... image
  • Mwah Shambler.  Lovely to see you again.

    Hello FB.  Change of plan since I saw you last.  IM Canada's off but looking at other IM distance races - one on the Czech border (£80) and one in Vichy, France.  Was Petal in Budapest last year? 

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