Burton Belvedere 10K

Hello, anybody do this race last year? Iv been told that its uphill start then reasonably flat?

Any sort of route description or advice as first time doing it this year!



  • From the start you run past the hospital then turn right and uphill to eventually reach Field Lane; quite a long climb and fairly steep at the top. The middle part of the race is fairly flat with a few ups and downs and then it's downhill for the last few k along Shobnall Road. The finish is on the track at the sports centre.
  • Not particually fast then?

    Thanks image

  • An extremely well organised event. Yes there was a slope and hill at the start but after that was OK. The last couple of K downhill was brill. An excellent T shirt after the compulsory circuit of the running track.
  • Does anyone know where i can find the results, i am struggling like mad to find them.
  • I do not think any times were recorded ?
  • Hi both,

     Yes times were recorded. Can I suggest you contact Stan Knopik at Hatton Darts Running Club who compiled the results - and he should be able to send them on to you.  

     Sorry but I don't have any contact details at present.

  • Thankyou you both very much
  • I have the results, on an email but don't know how to post them on here, if you let me have your email address I'll send them on.
  • HI Claire
    Thanks, I have emailed hatton darts running club and Geoff has sent them onto me.

    Thanks again
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