Super Thirty

 EDIT! Was supposed to read SUPER THIRSTY!!!!!!!

Am in training for a Marathon and have done a few longish runs, one today was an 18 miler...on the Downs Link so not too hot but fairly warm and a bit of breeze, fully hydrated before and electrolytes, cliff shots blocks, sports beans enroute...................only thing is that when I have recently completed my long runs I am really super thirty for the next 5 ish hours after.......I know about Hypontremia issue but it is just after the long ones I just get a mega urge for ice cold lemonade and lime, lucode etc, latte......It's the first time I have trained in the sligh warmer months for a Marathon.......anyone here feels the same?

Thanks in advance.



  • I took a bottle and a bit of lucozade with me on a 15 miler 1st day of marathon training yesterday. It was all gone with still an hour to run. I think it's time to get my camelback out again. In reality around 600ml was never going to be enough to replace my fluids even on a relatively cool day on the downs. Like you I've only ever done really long runs in the winter so I think I need to up my fluid intake.The camelback is the most successful thing I've used. If by the end we are feeling thirsty then it's just the body telling us to replace the fluid deficit. Give in to it and drink.
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