Hyde Park ITU Sunday 7th Aug

Gorgeous watching the morning session, poured down during the elite

Managed to grab a few shots of the lone Pirate, Nice to have a quick chat after Tom

(If you want hi-def copies drop me a mail)

Hyde Park Photos


  • I went out for a run around Hyde Park on Saturday. I was surprised to see that no one seemed at all interested in the event, particularly along Constitution Hill.
  • Thats me image

    Thanks for those photos, a great set. and thanks for the support on the way round.

    It is amazing how many shout outs you get wearing the pirate gear..always spurs me along!

     Ended up with a 2.38.17, which was pleased with, especailly managing to go sub 43 for the 10k run.



  • Not sure how the photos of Paula Findlay and Lisa Norden made it into the album, But they are kinda cute close up

  • I was involved in the Oly on Saturday and recorded 2 hours, 30 minutes and 52 b*stard seconds.  The dead turns on the bike were frustrating as was the 400 - 500 metre dash from swim exit to T1.  I guess the mention of swim-run-bike-run might have deterred prospective participants.

    In all a great event, under supported given it's location in the Capital and the involvement of ITU but from a participants perspective I will return in 2012 (sadly not in Olympics), if only to recover the 53 seconds that would have seen me go sub 2-30!

    (Oh and they missed a trick with the finishers medal with is a few millimeters short of doubling up as a bottle-opener!)


  • Watched part of the bike course, and the amount of traffic looked scary, as you came back towards the bridge having been up to Marble Arch

    The  long right hander just before the bridge with the run heading towards you , and guys on full out TT bikes going flat out with people on hybrids and the like with no idea about cycling etiquette,

    saw one guy on a gorgeous Trek Project One slide off trying to avoid an huge guy on a Boardman hybrid who just moved over on him after he had committed to the corner in full aero position

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