Half marathon training in 5 weeks?

Hi all!

I'm thinking about entering a half marathon race in about 5 weeks time. I've been running for about two years now, but mostly short distances. Currently, I can run 3-4 miles, but I have run about 9 miles once before (about 4 months ago). I am looking for some advice on how to do this or whether you think it's possible from your own experience (I'm aware the training time is too short and I could get injured easily). I'm not looking for a good finish time, just getting to the finish line would be great! The reason why I want to do this, is just to challenge myself.

What do you think? What sort of training schedule would be appropriate in this case?

I'm looking forward for your advice. Thanks a lot!



  • Challenging yourself is good Maria but as you point out, there are some risks. I suggest you have a good read through the Beginners section on the RW website and acquaint yourself with some good running advice.

    My personal feeling is that if you make a massive increase in your training between now and the race, then there's a high chance you'll be injured by the time of the race. So probably better to have the strategy of a conservative build up of mileage and in the race itself, you take a run/ walk approach, or at least don't worry about going slow, keep plugging away and you'll get round. Of course, the nearer you are to the 18-26 age bracket and having a BMI in the 18-22 range), the more risks you can take with your training load as your rate of recovery from training is naturally higher, and the stress of your weight load is more manageable.

    If your numbers deviate away from these, then you need to be a bit more cautious.

    Then after the HM race, you can start to think about making a proper plan for improving your health and fitness and competing in longer distance races. Happy to give you more specific advice if you want to PM me (I might not read back to this thread!).

    Good luck, TD. image

  • I walk and I run. i think running 13.1 miles is far easier than walking it.

    As you will probably need to follow a walk run stratergy then you need something to help with the motivation. i hope it's a scenic route with planty to look at. i would suggest you carry some form of hydration / nutrition, not really because you need it but because it will help with the time you are going to be spending on your feet.

    On race day start at the back. See who you are running with, anyone that you can spark up a conversation with? Having someone to encourage you on is great. I hope that they will be support along the way for you as well. Some Marshalls are really great cheery people that you can have a few words with as you pass by. Make the most of it.

    Don't overdo the training or it will hurt. Do have an easy week the week before the race, if you do any other physical activity then try to cut this to a minimum as well. Running on tired legs is not what you want to be doing. It's amazing how much further you can run after an easy week.

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