Prescription Sunglasses

Thinking about getting some prescription sunglasses for running. Having just  done a quick search, it seems like a bit of a minefield, though. I just want a good basic pair of glasses but I don't mind spending more if the quality justifies it. Does anybody have any recent experience/advice to share or can recommend a retailer. 



  • I got mine from Specsavers, as part of a two for one offer. I ended up spending more than I normally would to get the frames I wanted - an Osiris wrap around design (I'd have to check which one), but I figured I was getting two pairs, so why not? image

    They aren't 'sports' frames, but they've worked out great for me.

  • if you want quality and prescription, both Oakley and Rudy Project do prescription lenses but you need a small mortgage to pay for them.....
  • I got a good pair from Spectacles Direct a couple of years ago that have an "optical insert". Basically the prescription part clips in behind the tinted wrap around lenses.

    The whole set cost about £25 and it came with four sets of lenses (mirrored, yellow, grey and black).

    Not your fancy brands - but they do the job when out running or on the bike.

  • I got some Oakleys from David Clulow. Fat Buddha is right, they're quite expensive but they stay put when I'm running and the lenses are really good quality. I'm very happy with them
  • Sunwise are good and quite cheap.
  • Thanks for the advice - I'll do some more digging later. I like the look of the Oakleys but not sure on the price tag.... 

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