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hey realised my dream of finishing Ironman this year i'm thinking of doing it again next year....IMUK is on my doorstep again but MrsB fancies a crack at that so i'd like to be her support crew in case anything happens and she needs bringing home...or simply to support her when she finishes i was thinking of doing the outlaw.
I know pirates are doing it next year which should make it a great occasion but i want to hear people opinions on the differences...good and bad....and if possible from people who have ACTUALLY done BOTH.

how does the bike course does the run course compare...what about the finish?? as good?? what about the atmosphere?? places for people to support from (especially if not from the area) is it difficult to get around to support from different places??



  • Can only talk about the Outlaw as thats the one that I've done

    The organisers put a free bus on for people who want to watch the start and then get out onto the bike course, this takes you to Southwell which is a good place to watch the bike as youn can see them twice each lap with a 5 min walk, the bus then brings you back to Holme Pierpoint for the run, this is all free.

    If you position yourself well you can see people twice on each run lap (its a 3 lap run)

    I have supported at IMUK as you know, I found this to be a real pain as had to park 2 miles away from the course and the locals did nothing other than moan about having not being able to drive down THEIR road.

    The finish at Outlaw is next to grandstand so lots of seating and a bar, the atmosphere is always great especially next year with it being the main pirate outing.

    I'm not doing it next as have done it the last 2 years (Mrs SA is again) but will be there handing out drinks etc at the pirate feed station (which IMUK doesn't have)

  • Outlaw

    Did IMUK last year and was out spectating on the Outlaw the following week.... Have no desire to spend way more money than required on doing a WTC event again...

    The Outlaw was a much nicer course for both the bike and run, and with 90 odd (very odd in most cases) Pirates lining up, Why bother with Bolton ?

  • but its not really about the money IMUK experience was fantastic...of course i'm one of the late i'm worried that at the outlaw things will have died to to the point of anti climax...also i'd really like to know from a riders point of view how the bike course compares..i understand its flatter..but that doesnt always equate to easier/faster
    i wont do bolton next it comes down to outlaw next year..or wait and do imch year after (but what will i do next year?? i cant go back to oly's)

    cheers for the replies by the way
  • AndyB99 wrote (see)
    but its not really about the money dave

    Lucky you !

    With almost a hundred Pirates on the finish line it will make the IMUK finish look like a bus stop in Clitheroe on a wet Sunday !

  • ah, sorry i wasnt being cocky....of course i'm not rich..i just mean that that isnt a factor...both cost me a LOT!!

    and your point is very good...but i'll need to buy some pirate kit too!!!
  • 90 Pirate starters, everyone will have at least a member if not 2 members of family arouond, Then there are the mob who will come just for the craic like Jj, Fat Buddha and Petal etc etc...

    Should be about 300 on the finish line just made up of pirates

  • Can't comment on IMUK, but I did the Outlaw this year and found the Pirate support worth its weight in gold. Feedback from my (long suffering) OH, who came to support me on the run, was also very positive:- he was able to give me a big shout as I exited T2 and again at the end of the lap as I went through the second feed station area. He then (rather embarrassingly for me)was able to run ahead and meet me on the tow path as I headed out on the city loop, awaiting my return some (considerable) time later. On the later laps he provided me with some much needed motivation ("Do you think you'll be much longer, I was hoping to watch Top Gear?) whilst enjoying the sunshine and general atmosphere. All in all a top day out.
  • Thanks did you find the course?? what was your finishing time??
  • Course was very enjoyable - or at least it would have been if I hadn't been horribly sick on the bike! Possibly TMI but I worked out that my toilet stops (T3)added up to around 25 minutes...* Notwithstanding this I got round in just over 15 hours, largely as a result of the tremendous atmosphere all around the course. The bike isn't particularly hilly but it did get quite windy later on. The run is pretty much as flat as you can get and the layout of the laps meant it was always easy for supporters to keep tabs on you. The last lap around the lake did seem a very, very long way (I did consider taking a short cut and swimming across...)but the atmosphere at the finish made it all worth while - but you know that already..!

    * That's not all in one "sitting", I hasten to add!
  • Hello Andy - I did IMUK this year too and had a great time.  One of the main things that appeals to me about the Outlaw (apart from the Pirates) is that everything happens in one place, ie start, T1, T2, finish.

  • Hi Laura, yeah i remember you...agree'd that does appeal to me too...and it sounds like spectators are going to be plentiful with ease of them getting mrs b might just go onto the pirate aid station and have some fun there.
    still interested in opinions on the course for those who have done both...seems most people think this one is about an hour quicker (especially if your a slow climber like i am)
  • AndyB99 wrote (see)
    still interested in opinions on the course for those who have done both...seems most people think this one is about an hour quicker (especially if your a slow climber like i am)

    All depends on the conditions, I have done both Outlaws and the bike course has changed, theres no guarantee that it will be the same next year, but this year it had one bad climb in it, but you know the pirate feed station was at the top.

    This year the wind picked up a bit and was tougher than last year, but I don't think its as hard/hilly as IMUK that said 112 miles is never easy

  • a good point SA....yeah i'm gonna get into this one!!!
  • I've done both though I did UK in 2009 when it wasn't a split transistion.

    Outlaw course is easier in my opinion, though I did Outlaw bike last year and I know they made it a bit harder this.

    What is particularly nice about Outlaw is that the reg, the briefing, the transistion the swim etc are all in the same place (you know what I mean) so it is all quite easy.

    I remember runing about in Bolton all over the place and feeling quite frazzled by the time the saturday came.

    That said I thouroughly enjoyed Bolton and I would go back, however 2012 will be Outlaw for me.

  • Oh yeah, Outlaw course was 2 hrs 10 quicker for me, but I was rubbish at UK image
  • the whole split thing actually worked well for me cause i only live 3 miles from T2 so picking up the bike was on my way home....though saturday we was buzzing around racking and stuff and never got any feet up time that i'd promised myself...and i honestly doubt you'll be back in bolton ajh...think 2012 will be its last year....though i really really hope i'm wrong cause i love it being round here.

    anyway.....i'm IN (decided...not actually entered...end of month for that)...outlaw here i come
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