Sore Heal

2 months ago whilst not doing anything strenuous , the back of my heel started hurting...i read up on it and sounded like Plantar fasciitis i.e it hurts mostly when i 1st get up...

2 months on i havent run or done anything strenuous it still hurts 1st thing in the morning , im now wanting to get running again and wondering should i just start?

I havent been to a podiatrist due to spending fortunes on 3 different ones getting 2 different types of insoles ( at great cost) to cure my constant shin other words i dont know one to trust as they all told me differing things and all basically bad mouthed eachother and im no further on.

 How long does Plantar fasciitis last??


  • I recently bought a little roller from the chemist designed at helping PF,I think it was made by Schol though can't be 100%, it also comes with a little note on some simple excercises to assist and after a few days I found it helped.

    I have the pain most days, but find stretching the calfs also helps as there is a calf injury that mimics the symptons of PF. 

    Hope you get on top of it soon.


  • WantefcWantefc ✭✭✭
    Thanks Rob

    Have you continued running ?

    Mine isn't massively sore.....more of a niggle when I 1st walk then no pain.
    I'll try the roller though...thanks mate.
  • I've continued running I find it hurts more if i do any threadmill work.

     I found a sports massage helped as well, which reminds me I'm due another soon.


  • Sure it's PF? That's often sore under the heal.

    I also ask because I get this, and mine's Insertional Achilles Tendonopathy.

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