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  • I use the LED Lenser H7R beats all other head torches hands down! I run most nights through and around farmers fields and i needed something that would show me all of the ground image and these are amazing for that!

    You even get cars flash you if you do any night road running! Cos they are really bright! And as they are the R version they are rechargable!

  • The Vikerstar by Nextorch is amazing VFM - 140 lumens with 100 metre beam and a battery life of 25 hours on it's high beam!!! 125 hours if you turn it down to it's second beam and an S.O.S built in just in case (although touch wood I've never had to use it) for £30 it's absolutely fantastic.

  • Vikerstar sounds interesting, but even the nextorch website has the max output dwindling down to 70 lumens after 3 hours -- not 25 hours. Shame it's not regulated.

    As an aside, I've downgraded my alpkit gamma to toolbox use... I really wanted to like it, as it has so much going for it (price, nice red light on the back, switchable modes), but it doesn't spill enough light at my feet when the spot is pointed 10 feet forward.

  • I think generally torches fall into 2 categories.

    1. Well priced torches, with a half decent spec but an unregulated power supply.

    2. Torches from companies which specialise in torches, have regulated supplies, are often waterproof, have adjustable beams but you pay a premium for them.

    It is all personal choice and likely to hinge on how often you need a head torch and what you are comfortable paying.

    Trail running mag have a head torch test in their latest issue and their best in test is the Hope Vision R4 costing £250. Probably more of a torch than 95% of us actually need.
  • Agreed. I've always recommended the Gamma as a top starter headtorch. It's enough for my purposes but the Viker Star looked good - until like Rennur I spotted the decline in output. So I'll stick with the Gamma for now and tbh I'll probably continue until it breaks as I only need illumination for poorly-lit towpaths and just a mile or two of proper darkness in the woods.

    I'm into my running but I'm not going to divvy up £250 for a headtorch image

  • Hmmm I'm surprised to hear that, I try and do 3 hours a few times a week and I'm still bright and breezy after 4 weeks which is going to be 24 hours of use. For the money I will recommend the Vikerstar to all and sundry!

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