double ultra running

Hello all

After 9 matathons and 4 ultras the time has come to try a double. As I live in Grantham the Grantham canal double next March is my target. (29.3 x 2)

 Anyone got any training plans? 2010 was a great year ran Comrades 2011 has been a disaster 1 injury after anather so coming back SLOWLY at the moment



  • I guess the principle advice is going to be to moderate your pace. 
  • Pshaw Martin, just think of it like Comrades only flat and with a nice long nap at halfway!
  • I would follow a marathon training plan but doulbe up on the long run each week.  Back to back runs get you used to running on tired legs.  Make 22 or 24 the longest run, doing 24 on Saturday and 24 on Sunday for example.  Might have a go at this one myself image
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