As I mentioned before I was looking for a good running app for my iphone. I love my iphone and all things technical. Mind you I haven't tried a Garmin yet (mother of all), but it's top of my christmas wishlist. So far I have tried runtastic pro, which was great on the first trial, but didn't find GPS signal last night. It was really wet and cloudy, maybe it had to do with that. But I was pretty mad when i returned home after an hour and six minutes to be told by the app that my run was empty and wouldn't save. I love it when Iphone puts me down! Lol. So I am considering mapmyrun. Any suggestions? Even for Androids, PC, watches? Anything goes!


  • On my iphone I usually use iMapMyRUN - that seems to work very well. I don't really consult it as I'm running unless I need to check that I am doing a particular distance. Its worked in all conditions for me.
  • downloaded it and took it for a spin, worked well so far. was a clear day though. so waiting for the clouds. good app though with pace and sharing! love it! image

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