Runners knee?

For over a month now i've been unable to straighten my leg without pain / feels like it's blocking me from straightening  my leg on the front/inside part of my knee cap.  Went to physio last week and he gave me some quad and glute strenghtening exercises to do - he said he doesn't think it's patella tendiniits and that it's quad strain. If thisis the case why is it i can't straighten my leg fully from a seated position?

I've been doing the exercises but don't feel that it's improving.

Has anybody else experienced similar symptoms?



  • Been having a similar problem, very tender just underneath the knee cap on the inside of my leg. Went to the physio and had all the knots ironed apparently the movement in my knee is good with regards to knee cap, tendons etc. but still very sore. Stairs are a nightmare.

     I have been resting it now for almost a week and a half and it's not going anywhere, tried RICE etc. Training for first marathon in Berlin and it looks like i'm running out of time now to get back out there image

     any advice would be great

  • Hi Ian,

     Let me tell you what has helped me!!

    Finally after just over a month of no running - just spinning and swimming to keep me sane, i managed to do a 2 mile run yesterday and it felt good !! image

     The best thing i've done which has worked wonders for me is to lie on your side - keep the leg touching the floor straight - making sure the hips are in line with the rest of the body and not bending.  Now with the other leg (currently on top) place over the other leg and your foot should now be infront of the straight leg on the floor and also the knee touching also.  I hope you are still with me...... Now start moving the straight leg up and down slowly - this will strenghten the adductors.  Apparently the abductors (outside of quads) tend to build up more when running and leave the adductors slightly weaker - think this is what has happened to me and pulled my knee cap slightly out of line and caused the pain and the inability to lock (straighten the knee from a sitting position).  I am now doing these exercises every day!

     Hope this helps.

  • I've been searching this forumn to try to find someone else with inside knee pain (most people have pain on outside). 

    This is the second time I've had this pain, last time was the other knee. It kills everytime I walk down stairs/hills.  I've also noticed that it hurts more when I'm standing properly (i.e up straight with bum tucked in), if I lean forward while going down stairs it doesn't hurt. From this I have come up with up with the idea that it must be something to do with a muscle that links the hip and knee... currently doing alot of stretching around the hip area to see it this helps.

     Live up a mountain in France so its not easy to pop to see a Physio!

  • Hey Andrea,

    Since my initial post my knee issue eventually cleared up and was back running again - but now it's crept up again......think i've just overdone it without taking a rest day with 3 days high impact in succession - my own fault image

    How are you getting on?

  • Hi,

    Just been on holiday for a 10 days.. but there was a gym there (v.good for a hotel gym). So I have been cycling & x-trainer and even squats with no pain image  Did a small jog on the tread mill but my knee still feels a bit weird so don't want to push it yet. 

    One of my current theories for the pain  (kinda hard to explain) is that I slump while sitting in my office chair putting tension on the muscle between the hip and knee. So I have also been doing yoga type exercises to help with flexibility all around the hip area to help me sit better. Figure this can't be a bad thing anyway.

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