Cheap heart rate monitor?

Hi, has anyone found a really cheap heart rate monitor that actually works? Nothing fancy, I only need it to display current rate really. I've already got a Garmin 205 (I know, should have got the 305!) so don't want anything expensive - I've seen several on the internet for less than £20 but I'm a bit sceptical.

Thanks, Daren


  • i thought you could get a heart rate strap that works with the 205?

  • alternitivly i used to have a Polar FS2 (tesco's for £27) which was waterproof and accurate, the watch is good for swimming too.
  • Lidl had some a few weeks back, might still have some left.


    Bit clunky to use, but records current, min, max, ave heart rate. Time in, below & above zone.

    I'm not really sold on hrm's but got one because it was cheaper than replacing the strap on my timex ironman! Stopwatch does 99 laps as well.

    As I said, a bit awkward, but works fine. Only other problem is the screen scratches easily. Can't complain at all for the price!
  • Thanks for the advice guys. Looks like I'm heading to Lidl tomorrow!
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