Oner 2012

Anyone looking at this?
Tempting but clearly nuts...!
My main fear thinking about it is not exhaustion or dropping out, but wandering off a cliff top in the dark!


  • Was interesting running around Portland in the dark and fog last year, couldn't see where you were going but could hear the waves crashing against the rock below you image

    Might have a crack again next year.
  • Ah . . . Portland at 2.00am in the fog - officially the most confusing place known to mankind to navigate your way around.

     Good luck with it NiceIronDad - the oner is an excellent event (which took me months to get over)

  • The Oner is starting a lot earlier in the day next year, 10am IIRC a whole 8 hours earlier than 2010 which should help going around Portland.

  • Off to reccy (a bit of) the course this weekend.

    Should be interesting!

  • £180? Does someone carry you around for that?

       Would have been very interested in this but that price takes the mick a bit....

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    It's not good value for money, but it is a great event.  Ought to be on the to-do list, really.  Did it in 2009 - can't remember how much but it was a lot then as well.  It was my first through-the-night race so it was bit of a shock to the system.  I remember blundering around in some derelict quarry on Portland about 0200 not having a clue where I was.  I think I had wandered off the edge of my map.  But happily not off the edge of a cliff.
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