Not The Ridgeway in summer



  • Might have swung a night duty, go straight to car park, have a sleep and ride.....or get woken up by some doggers............................image
  • Oh if its the dogging car park you want i'll ask around!
  • Surely you just need to pick a number at random from your little black book
  • Yes, when you eventually give it back      image
  • Now we all know you have more than one book

  • Weather checked for Monday ... looks ok for now!!
  • At a stretch it could be beer and ice cream weather.
  • But it will probably rain at some point just for the fun of it
  • MTB'ing is bestest fun in the mud image
  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)
    MTB'ing is bestest fun in the mud image
    That reminds me, I need to chip the old mud off my bike!!
  • I'm taking myself off the list.  Exploding computer syndrome has left me on massive catch up and so I've got to work on Monday to heal deadline syndrome. image

    Have fun everyone image

  • Ohhh .... thats not so Happy news  image

    It had better stay dry, I am not ready to get my bike dirty yet  image
  • and some more directions just in case anyone gets a bit lost

    Travelling North M40 come off at Junc 5

    Turn Right onto A40 back across the M40

    Turn left onto A40 heading towards Aston Rowant and Postcombe (ie Northbound)

    I am unsure what Junc 5 is like coming off but in theory you are picking up the A40 in the same direction as the M40 you have just left

    As you approach Aston Woods there is a turning on the left hand side about .70 of a mile from the motorway, this should be Hill Road (unsure if it is marked) and will have Hill Farm Cottage at the junction

    Follow this road back across the M40 and through the woods, you go through a left hand bend and Cowleaze Woods is on your left hand side with a carpark after almost 2 miles.

    The road off the A40 to Cowleaze in effect will take you to Christmas Common and if you get here then you have gone too far!

    Postcode OX49 5HU will take you just beyond the car park

    Hope this helps!!   image

  • Sort of.


    Let you know on Monday? image

  • and in true spirit I have also been looking at the paths on the map and seemingly The Ridgeway may be difficult to find ... image

    We need to take the Icknield way south I think and hoping to get down to Grims Ditch  .... but what do I know, we'll do and out and back and find a pub !!
  • It'll be grim for you if there's no pub or lunch!!!
  • Its aright little adventure innit   image

    Do you really believe that with the motley crew we have that we wont be able to sniff out a pub at 30 paces!
  • *packs sat nav for car and bike, emergency flares, sleeping bag, head torch, and enough food for three days*

    I'm prepared image

  • *kidnaps Ray Mears, just in case*
  • Ooooh ... Now you're talking   image
  •'re welcome to him! Keep him out of my sight or I might haved to bludgeon him to death!!

    I do know where he lives though

  • ...and no, I don't want his underpants  image
  • Oh but I thought you were collecting them!
  • Ray Mears rocks image

  • Prefer Bear Grylls
  • We may be in need of all them ... its wild up in them woods
  •'re welcome to him! Keep him out of my sight or I might haved to bludgeon him to death!!

    I do know where he lives though

  • Refresh bug!
  • Sod Ray or Bear, i reckon we will need Noah with all this bloody rain.
  • Monday is going to be lovely and we will have a nice lunch by the Thames or the Dee or wherever it is  image
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